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Chemical Engineers are Saving the Environment

Last updated January 11, 2017

Chemical engineers meet environmental challenges. Their unique expertise enables them to develop advanced technologies, monitoring devices, modeling techniques, and operating strategies that

  • Reduce the volume and toxicity of pollutants allowed to enter the air, waterways, and soil;
  • Significantly reduce the negative environmental impact of industrial facilities, power plants, and transportation vehicles; and
  • Allow greater reuse of post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams.


Many of the technologies that combat pollution were created by chemical engineers. Thanks to new processes, more post-consumer waste is being reused and industrial side products are being reprocessed. The result is cleaner water and air. More


There are many chemical engineers whose ideas and inventions have made a difference in our environment today. Among them are Lawrence K. Cecil, Joseph DeSimone, Enrique Iglesia, Kam Sirkar, Walter Weber, Jr., and Ralph Yang. More


Chemical engineers are helping to foster sustainable development and fight global warming by designing processes that produce biofuels. They are also developing techniques to remove hazardous materials from waste streams. More