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Chemical Engineers are Generating Energy

Last updated January 11, 2017

Chemical engineers are well-suited to meet the challenges associated with all types of energy production. They have long contributed to the development of such traditional, nonrenewable fossil-fuel sources as coal, petroleum, and natural gas and propane. More recently their efforts have been concentrated on renewable fuels derived from

  • Biomass feedstocks,
  • Solar power, and
  • Wind. 


Chemical engineers have been instrumental in the development of the different processes involved in energy generation. These methods range from traditional petroleum refining to the innovative creation of fuels from renewable resources. More


Throughout the last century countless chemical engineers made important contributions to the modernization and advancement of the petroleum refinery. Vladimir Haensel, Donald Katz, and Eger Murphree are among them. More


Many of our major energy sources are not renewable and will eventually run out. Chemical engineers are actively working on novel ways to generate the energy we need, maximize its efficiency, and maintain our environment. More