January 2021 Meeting: Asset and Process Insight, Driven by Data Analytics

Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 6:30pm-8:30pm EST
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Virtual / Online
Posted by Constanze Walker

Overview and Speaker Info

Asset and Process Insight, Driven by Data Analytics

 A partnership with NASA monitors 116,000 data points at over 270 NASA Facilities and has generated $12 million in client savings while maintaining the same service levels. These same condition-based maintenance principles and methods can be used to develop a Digital Solution for the Pulp and Paper industry that has existed for over 100 years.  The wide variety of vintages and types of equipment in existing mills can be brought up to 20th Century standards by introducing instrumentation and data collection technology with precision and capabilities never imagined when the asset was originally installed.  Then the asset can be catapulted into the 21st Century using Data Analytics and Machine Learning.  This eliminates downtime by predicting failures and optimizes quality and production by giving insight on process conditions in real time.  These improvements have a ripple effect throughout the paper mill.  Reducing capital investment in the storeroom and going towards a just-in-time delivery for spare parts.  Optimizing power, water, and air to create a more sustainable paper mill.  Reducing waste by tracking raw material consumption to maximize the bottom line.

Philip Armstrong and Andrew Wyse will be presenting at the upcoming TAPPICon21 conference. This presentation was originally planned for the  TAPPIcon20 conference, and they are happy to share it with us!