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The New Year has begun in Western South Carolina!

As we come out from under the wave of COVID and world-wide political unrest, organizations such as ours are vital in bridging the gaps in trust and misinformation.  We foster this by meeting together to discuss current topics, allowing each other to have different opinions and viewpoints while staying based in sound, analytical, reproducible, scientific approaches to solving our problems.  It is only in the context of common mission, a common definition of success and sound application of scientific processes that we can overcome the challenges that face us in both the near and distant future. Our section goals for this year are to:

  1. Get back to a regular schedule of meetings
  2. Provide more local plant tour experience as businesses begin to open up.
  3. Modernize our presentation methods to include the hybrid virtual/in-person format
  4. Update our roles and responsibilities to match today’s technological formats.
  5. Have fun, enjoy the camaraderie that comes with working towards a common goal together!

If we focus on these goals, expand our membership base, while moving forward with our new Outreach and Financial committees, we can set this group up for future influence and success.  We welcome all those interested in joining us on our journey!

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