Tour of DCP Midstream’s O’Connor Gas Plant

Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 6:00pm-9:00pm MDT
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In-Person / Local
Posted by Laura Moes
24189 Weld County Road 51
Kersey, CO 80644
United States

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Time: 6:00 Gather / Sign in
  6:15 Tour of DCP Midstream's O'Connor Gas Plant 
  7:15 Dinner and Presentation
Speaker: Brian Petko, Project Lead Engineer with DCP Midstream
Bring: Personal Protection Equipment: Required to wear cotton pants (e.g. jeans, Dockers, etc.) and closed toe leather shoes. Please bring a fire retardant shirt or smock (FR or Nomex) if you have one, hard hat and safety glasses. They will be provided if you do not bring them.
Cost: Members $20; Non-members $25; Students & Unemployed $10
  *Add $5 for attending meeting without RSVP

Attendance limited to the first 30 respondees. Please RSVP by FRIDAY, May 16th  (early RSVPs are greatly appreciated!) indicating your name, phone number, and number of attendees.  You may RSVP via email at and pay at the meeting. Or you may use the option below to RSVP and pay online through Paypal. Just click on the button below to go to the payment screen to select your membership level in the PayPal drop down and pay by credit card. 

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Abstract: Recent developments in oil and gas production technology have led to extensive development of reserves previously determined to be uneconomic.  Current market conditions favor “wet” gas plays in which light liquid hydrocarbon molecules (C2 to C6+ components) are recovered along with the methane.  To maintain product specifications and maximize value of the recovered hydrocarbons pipeline quality gas (called “residue gas”) are separated from heavier constituents in gas processing plants.  Typically there are 3 product streams from a gas processing plant:  residue gas, natural gas liquids or NGLs (a mixture of C2 through C6 molecules) and condensate (typically C5/C6 and heavier).  The composition of products from gas processing plants will vary depending on the inlet gas composition, process design and operating conditions. 

This month we will tour DCP Midstream’s O’Connor gas plant, located in Kersey.  O’Connor is a 150MMSCFD deep cryo plant designed to operate in both ethane recovery and rejection modes.  The plant uses the gas subcooled process design to achieve temperatures of -100F and lower during ethane recovery. Construction on the “base” plant which was designed for 100 MMSCFD began in 2012, and it was placed in service October 2013.  An expansion to the base plant was placed in service in March of this year. 

Brian Petko, project lead engineer with DCP Midstream, was involved in the design, commissioning and start up of the O’Connor facility and will be giving a short presentation on the plant. Brian graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Masters in Chemical Engineering in May of 2010.  After graduation, Brian joined DCP as an asset engineer.  During his four years with DCP, Brian has been the plant engineer for the Roggen and O’Connor plants.  He has also executed many small projects around optimization and reliability of the facilities in his assigned area.

Due to the limited space, attendance at this month’s meeting will be limited to the first 30 people.  Attendees will be required to wear cotton pants (e.g. jeans, Dockers, etc.) and closed toe leather shoes.  Additional PPE for the tour includes fire retardant shirt or smock (FR or Nomex), hard hat and safety glasses.  Hearing protection will be available but will not be required.  DCP will be able to provide this additional PPE, but they request folks bring their own FR if possible.

The tour will being promptly at 6:15 to take advantage of daylight, and will be followed by a buffet dinner from Qdoba and Brian’s presentation.