Overcome the Challenges of Implementing SIS for Reactive Processes | AIChE

Overcome the Challenges of Implementing SIS for Reactive Processes

Wednesday, May 31, 2023,
6:00pm to 7:45pm
Virtual / Online

TOPIC:  Overcome the Challenges of Implementing Safety Instrumented Ssystem (SIS) for Reactive Processes

SPEAKER:  Eloise Roche

DATE: Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

TIME: 6:00 pm  - Introduction

              6:05 pm - Career Discussion

              6:15 pm - Technical Presentation

              7:15 pm - Q & A

COST: Free, Registration Required

ABSTRACT: Reactive processes are a common application for safety instrumented systems due to the potential for significant energy release from an abnormal reaction that can cause catastrophic rupture of the vessel. This might seem straightforward, but reactive processes can respond to loss of control in ways that are more difficult to predict, so the specification of trip point, response time, and sensor architecture requires more analysis than typical SIS. The more that needs to be done to address the reaction, the more complicated the safety instrumented system specification becomes, resulting in the need for more experienced process engineering involvement to get the design right. This presentation discusses some of the unique challenges posed by reactive applications and provides examples to illustrate how to overcome these challenges.

SPEAKER BIO: Eloise Roche is a Senior Safety Controls, Alarms and Interlocks Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the process sector.  She developed skills in instrumented protection system identification, functional specification, application program implementation, and the development of related automation management systems during her twenty-four years of experience in the chemical industry before joining SIS-TECH Solutions. Eloise has been a member of multiple ISA-84 working groups since 2011 and joined the USA technical advisory group to IEC61511 in 2015.

LOCATION: On-line Zoom Meeting