The Facts on Fracking: What's at Stake for Colorado

Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 6:00pm-9:00pm MDT
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In-Person / Local
Posted by Laura Moes
1975 Mile High Stadium Circle
Denver, CO
United States

Speaker: Paul Wages, Rockies Drilling Engineering Manager with Anadrako Petroleum

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Abstract:  Mr. Paul Wages, Rockies Drilling Engineering Manager with Anadarko Petroleum, will be discussing the importance of fossil fuel for meeting the energy demands of the United States and Colorado’s contribution to domestic oil and gas production.  His presentation will encompass the following topics:

  • Background on the different phases of oil and gas development in the DJ Basin;
  • Anadarko's well construction methodology that is designed to protect other resources, such as fresh water zones;
  • The hydraulic fracturing process;
  • Myths and facts related to the process concerning land use, water use, Federal Regulations and ground water protection;
  • Infrastructure and technology that Anadarko uses to support their development, including their “water on demand” pipeline delivery system, centralized remote hydraulic fracturing and the combination of 3-D seismic and horizontal drilling; and
  • Economic impacts of the oil and gas industry in Colorado. 

Biography: Paul Wages, P.E. is a 1978 graduate of Montana Tech (Butte, MT) with a B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering.  He received his MBA from Texas Christian University in 1999 (Ft. Worth, TX).  His 28 years of industry experience includes twenty years in production/completion operations in SW Wyoming (Rock Springs), Powder River Basin (Gillette, Wyoming), Uintah Basin (Vernal, Utah) and DJ Basin (Denver, Colorado) in engineering and supervisory roles.  Early in his career, he left the oil & gas industry to work five years on the family farm/ranch in Central Montana and later returned to Montana to work three years as a Petroleum Engineer for the BLM.  Paul is currently a Denver-based Rockies Drilling Engineering Manager for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and most recently supervised an engineering staff supporting 14 drilling rigs in the DJ Basin.  He has operational experience with conventional oil & gas reservoirs, tight gas reservoirs, coal bed methane reservoirs and now unconventional continuous play reservoirs like the DJ Basin Niobrara Formation.  On a side note, Paul has probably seen more water production from oil & gas operations than hydrocarbons over the course of his career.