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Fermentation Engineer at Culture Robotics

South San Francisco · Full Time
Culture Robotics grows organisms for biotech companies. We've built the first cloud bioreactor farm. Here’s how it works: our customers send us organisms. We grow them in our bioreactors according to specified recipes. And then we send back data and samples. Our customers genetically modify organisms to produce new therapeutics, materials, fuels, and foods. We help them quickly test their organisms and manufacturing processes so they can get their products to market faster. We've built proprietary software and automation systems to make operating our bioreactors more efficient than existing systems. 


Safety Basis Analyst

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Date Posted: September 04 2018


Production Engineer- Antioch, CA

(616) 796-2281

Requirements to be considered for the proDUCTION engineering role:

·       B.S. in Chemical Engineering

·       2+ years’ production engineering experience in a chlor-alkali facility

·       Act as a technical resource for plant operations

Responsibilities OF THE PROduction ENGINEER:

·       Optimize plant performance

·       Understand EHS operational requirements

·       Maintain high standards for process safety


Very competitive.

Outstanding opportunity to have a tremendous impact and grow rapidly within an organization and would welcome the opportunity to provide more details over the phone.

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