January 2014 Meeting

Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 6:30pm-9:30pm PST
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In-Person / Local
Posted by Thomas Fogwell
Stanford University
Gazebo Room, Chemical Engineering Department
Stanford, CA
United States


"Reach out and touch someone: Understanding the role of mechanics in cellular function"

The ability of cells to generate and respond to mechanical cues is an essential aspect of stem cell biology, tissue engineering, and our senses of touch and hearing.  However, how exactly cells sense mechanical stimuli remains poorly understood, due largely to a lack of tools that measure molecular-scale forces in living cells and organisms.
In this talk, I will describe our use of genetically encoded, molecular tension sensors that measure the mechanical forces experienced by individual proteins inside living cells.  I then discuss the use of this technology to discover how cells sense the mechanical properties of their environment, a process that is critical in stem cell differentiation and tissue growth, but that also contributes to heart disease and cancer metastasis.  In addition, I will describe our collaborations with neurophysiologists to uncover the physical basis for our sense of touch, a fascinating scientific question with important practical consequences in the context of the treatment of diabetic neuropathies and aging. 

Event Details

6:30 pm  Networking & Refreshments
7:15 pm  Presentation
9:00 pm  Wrap Up


Free.  Light refreshments, soft drinks will be provided.

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