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Process Development Division By-Laws


American Institute of Chemical Engineers

November, 2002

Article I - Name and Objectives

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Process Development Division (PDD) of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (the Institute).

Section 2. The Division is formed in the broad field of process development, from process conceptualization to manufacturing, in accordance with the Institute’s Constitution, By-laws and Rules.

Section 3.  The scope includes but not limited to process research and innovation, process improvement, pilot plant operations and scaleup, technology transfer, and manufacturing technologies.

Section 4. The objectives of the Division shall be to:

a. Provide a forum for communication and networking among Division members with interest in process development.

b. Promote interchange of ideas, concepts, know-how, and experiences in process development.

c. Keep members informed of recent as well as potentially significant news and technologies in process development.

d. Promote life-long learning with workshops and short-courses.

e. Provide a centralized source of technical publications, computer programs, and data bases related to process development.

f. Develop technical programs of topics on process development in professional meetings.

g. Coordinate exchanges with other groups within and outside of the Institute.

h. Encourage chemical engineering educators to place suitable emphasis on process development and on the development of appropriate curricular material.

i. Foster the application of chemical engineering knowledge to and fundamental research in process development.

j. Recognize achievements of members through awards.

Section 5. The Division is under the supervision and control of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC) of the Institute. Divisional programming activities shall be carried out in cooperation with the National Programming Committee of the Institute. The Division does not have the authority to act for the Institute or to incur any financial obligations in the name of the Institute.

Article II – Membership

Section 1. Members of the Division shall be members of the Institute who have paid the annual Division dues as established by the PDD Executive Committee.

Section 2. Nonmembers of the Institute may join the Division for one year with the approval of the Chair of the Division. By the end of one year, they must have been accepted for some grade of membership in the Institute in order to continue as members of the Division.

Article III - Organization

Section 1. The officers of the Executive Committee of the Division shall be a Chair, a Chair-Elect, Chairs responsible for Programming, Membership Awards, and Division Activities, respectively, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Area Chairs, Co-Chairs, and Activity Chair, the most recent living Past Chair of the Division, and individuals responsible for special projects, or serve as liaison to universities and other organizations. All officers shall hold membership in the Division and shall be Fellows, Members or Associate Members of the Institute. The term of office shall be two years.

Section 2.  Ad hoc members of the Executive Committee can be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall direct the activities of the Division.

Section 4. The Chair is the chief officer of the Division and is Chair of the Executive Committee. The Chair-Elect shall perform the duties of the Chair in the Chair's absence or inability to serve. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair, the Chair-Elect shall serve as the chief officer of the Division until the next election. If a vacancy occurs in any of the other positions on the Executive Committee, the Chair shall appoint a replacement from the membership to finish the term.

Section 5. The current Chair of the Division shall not be eligible for reelection to a Divisional office for a period of two years after leaving the office. The Chair-Elect is normally the sole nominee for the office of the Chair. The Treasurer and Area Chairs and Co-Chairs may not be reelected for the same office in the subsequent two-year period.

Section 6. The Chair shall

a. Develop the Division in accordance with the Division Mission.

b. Provide leadership and management for the Division.

c. Serve as the presiding officer for all Division and Executive Committee meetings.

d. Appoint task force for special projects.

e. Coordinate Area activities through the leadership of the Executive Committee.

f. Issue announcements of all meetings or delegate the duty to another PDD Executive Committee member.

Section 7. The Chair-Elect shall

a. Formulate long-term plans and strategic activities for the Division.

b. Implement projects in coordination with the Chair.

c. Serve as the Division liaison to the Institute.

d. Keep records of the proceedings of the Division.

Section 8. The Chair for Programming shall

a. Serve as Chair of the Division Technical Programming Committee. Other members of the Technical Programming Committee shall include the Area Chairs and Co-Chairs.

b. Formulate and implement the near-term and long-range programming plans.

c. Coordinate its activities with the National Programming Committee and other programming groups.

Section 9. The Chair for Membership shall

a. Maintain records of the membership.

b. Recruit new members to the Division.

c. Communicate with the PDD membership as necessary to inform membership of PDD activities.

d. Communicate with the PDD membership as directed by the Executive Committee and/or the PDD Chair.

Section 10. The Chair for Division Activities shall

a. Handle the logistics of the technical and social functions of the Division, which may include making meeting room and Award Dinner arrangements.

b. Assist in special project undertaken by the Division.

Section 11. The Treasurer shall

a. Handle and record the collection and disbursement of funds as authorized by the Executive Committee of the Division.

b. Prepare a proposed budget for the upcoming year, for review and approval by the Executive Committee.

c. At the end of each year submit a financial report to the Executive Committee of the Division and to the Secretary of the Institute.

d. Oversee the financial aspects of any additional PD Division activities.

Section 12. The Newsletter Editor shall

a. Publish newsletters in the Spring and Fall each year.

Section 13. The Webmaster shall

a. Oversee the maintenance of the Division website.

Section 14. The Chair for Award shall

a. Solicit sponsorship of the Division awards.

b. Manage the nomination and awardee selection process.

Section 15. The Area Chairs, Co-Chairs and Activity Chairs shall

a. Develop the Area in accordance with the Area Mission.

b. Provide leadership and management for the Area.

c. Hold area meetings at least once a year at the Annual or Spring Meeting of the Institute.

d. Develop technical programs in coordination with the Chair for Programming.

e. Attract new members to the Area.

f. Keep records of the proceedings of the area.

Section 16. The duties in Sections 8 to 15 can be changed or redistributed with approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 17. Areas can be created or removed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and with the approval of the Executive Board of the National Program Committee of the Institute.

Article IV - Meetings

Section 1. There shall be at least one general meeting of the Division during the Annual or Spring Meeting of the Institute.

Section 2. The Chair of the Division shall preside at all meetings of the Division Executive Committee. In the absence of the Chair, the Chair-Elect, the Treasurer, Chair for Programming, Membership, Division Activities, and Awards, in that order, shall preside.

Section 3. Notices will be sent to the membership for Division meetings called at any time other than the Annual Meeting.

Section 4. A quorum for meetings of the Division body shall consist of at least 5% of the Division’s membership. Except otherwise stated in these By-laws, all decisions at a meeting of the Division will be decided by the majority vote of those present.

Section 5. The order of business for meetings of the Division shall be determined by the presiding officer.

Section 6. The Division Executive Committee shall meet at least once, and preferably two times, each year. Meetings may be called by the Chair at such places and times as he or she deems advisable (including conference-call type meetings). Meetings may also be called at the request of a majority of the members of the Executive Committee. Notices will be sent to the Executive Committee of all meetings at least three weeks in advance.

Section 7.  A majority of the members of the Division Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. Except where otherwise stated in these By-laws, all actions of the Executive Committee shall be by simple majority vote. The presiding officer does not normally vote. Only in the event of a tie vote will the presiding officer cast the deciding vote.

Section 8. Any member of the Division Executive Committee who fails to attend two consecutive Executive Committee meetings shall be considered to have tendered his or her resignation from the Executive Committee. However, such a resignation shall be effective only upon acceptance by the Executive Committee, which shall have taken into account any extenuating circumstances.

Article V - Elections

Section 1. The Chair-Elect and Treasurer shall be elected biannually by the members of the Division. Election shall be by a majority of those voting. Elections can be conducted by mail and/or electronic ballot. The Executive Committee shall certify the count.

Section 2. Nominations for the offices in Section 1 shall come from the Nomination Committee. The Chair-Elect shall be the Chair by succession. The Nomination Committee shall formulate a slate of one or preferably more candidates for each of the remaining offices to be filled for proposal to the membership. Other nominations from the membership will be accepted for consideration if received by the Nomination Committee at least 8 weeks before the election. The Executive Committee shall select the Nomination Committee of at least 3 members. The Nomination Committee will select it’s own chair.

Section 3.  The corresponding Area shall conduct election of Area Chairs and Co-Chairs. The Area Activity Chair is appointed by the Area Chair.

Section 4. No member shall be eligible for election to more than one office at one time.

Section 5. The newly elected officers shall take office on January 1 of the following year.

Section 6. Delinquent members shall not be eligible to vote or to hold office.

Article VI - Dues and Finances

Section 1. The Division Executive Committee in accordance with policies of the Institute shall determine annual dues. Those members who continue to be delinquent on the following January 1 shall be dropped from the rolls of the Division.

Section 2. The Division Executive Committee shall make all other regulations regarding payment of dues and shall provide for an annual audit of the Division's financial accounts.

Section 3. The Division Executive Committee shall review, in their last meeting of the year, the budget submitted for the upcoming year by the Treasurer. The officers of the Division may make expenditures within the provisions of the approved budget. Additional amounts shall be spent only after specific approval by the Division Executive Committee.

Article VII - General Provisions

Section 1. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final on any questions concerning the interpretation of the By-laws, subject to the jurisdiction of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council of the Institute.

Section 2. In all respects not specifically covered by these By-laws, the general rules of the Institute governing the conduct of the Divisions shall apply with equal force as if included in these By-laws.

Section 3. In the case that the Division is dissolved, any remaining assets shall be returned to the Institute.

Article VIII - Amendments

Section 1. All proposed amendments of these By-laws shall be reduced to writing. Amendments shall be proposed to and voted on by the membership.

Section 2. A proposed amendment ballot shall be sent electronically or otherwise to all Division members. Voting results shall be certified by the Executive Committee, which shall accept as approval of the amendments a two-thirds affirmative vote of those returning these ballots. The amendment shall then be submitted to the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC) of the Institute and shall become an effective part of the By-laws upon its approval by CTOC.