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Process Development DIvision currently has 5 areas, two of which were created by merging areas. 

Area 12A: Process Research and Innovation

 Chair: James Marek, Chair Elect: Ray Jian, Past Chair: Tom Xu

Foster process innovation by applying Chemical Engineering principles to the synthesis of novel operations for new product manufacture and step changes in existing technology. The PR&I area will be a meeting ground for diverse academic and industrial practitioners of Process Innovation. Its programming and activities will explore the components of successful process innovation, and distribute this shared knowledge to the Institute membership. 

Area 12B: Pilot Plants

 Chair: Nitin Tople, Chair Elect: Mike Trainor, Past Chair: Hsiang Yee Lai,

The Pilot Plant Area is a forum for active interchange of ideas and for the continual improvement of Pilot Plant contributions to quality research and effective scale-up. AIChE programming, benchmarking, operation reviews, and extensive networking form the backbone of the Area activities.  

Area 12C/D: Technology Transfer & Manufacturing

Chair: Rob Nunley, Chair Elect: Minghua Ye, Past Chair: Qiang Xu

Provide a forum to share and build on technology transfer (TT) principles and experiences of professional colleagues from different disciplines. Generate ideas to develop TT work processes aimed at extracting value from internal and external technology for speedy and cost effective commercialization of new processes and products. Provide programming to enhance the professional development of AIChE members and industry colleagues who affect manufacturing process improvements. Expand in scope to include other aspects of manufacturing technology and secure active participation from a greater breadth of the ChE population. Maintain strong ties with internal and external groups. 

Area 12E/F: Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering

 Chair: Matthaeus Siebenhofer, Chair Elect: Robert Broekhuis, Past Chair: Shawn Feist

We provide a focus for presentation of research and state of the art knowledge in process intensification at various scales; molecular level, phase level, process level.  We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on process intensification in theory and practice. We can discuss PI implementation in the (bio-)chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.  We work to develop and provide methodologies for the evaluation of PI options in the early stage of process development.

Area 12G: Product Design

 Chair: Kishori Deshpande, Chair Elect: Mu Wang, Past Chair: Sitaraman Krishnan,

We provide programming to assist chemical engineers learn how to use their fundamental knowledge to design products.