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Plenary Awards

List of Award Winners:

Wilfred Chen, 2018

David Schaffer, 2017

Mark Burns 2016

Jonathan Dordick 2015

Kristi Anseth 2014

Jay Keasling 2013

William Bentley 2012

Martin Yarmush 2011

Antonios G. Mikos 2010

Wei-Shou Hu 2009

Jeffrey Hubbell 2008

Bob Kelly 2007

James Liao 2006

George Georgiou 2005

Frances Arnold 2004

Douglas Clark 2003

Bernard Palsson 2002

M. R. Ladisch 2001

R. K. Jain 2000

C. K. Colton 1999 


AICHE 2018

  • (398a) Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division Award in Chemical Engineering: Dynamic Modulation of Protein Functions by Strand Displacement. Wilfred Chen
  • (398b) Fabrication of Cellulosic Fibers for use as Functional Materials. Ping Wang
  • (398c) Nanomaterials for Combination Therapies and Immunomodulation. Surya Mallapragada
  • (398d) A Sense of Balance: Exploring the Role of Metabolic Pathway Modularization in the Microbial Production of Chemicals. Mattheos A. G. Koffas
  • (398e) Repairing the Brain After Stroke: a Biomaterials Strategy. Tatiana Segura

AICHE 2017

  • (421a) Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division Award in Chemical Engineering: Directed Evolution of New Viruses for Therapeutic Gene Delivery. David Schaffer
  • (421b) Area 15A Food Plenary Award - Efficient Biosynthesis of Microalgal DHA-Rich Oil: From Lab to Factory Scale. He Huang
  • (421c) Area 15B/PD2M Plenary Award: Biorelevant Phase Transformations in Supersaturated Solutions of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs. Lynne S. Taylor
  • (421d) Area 15C Bioengineering Plenary Award: Orthogonal Metabolism for Industrial Biomanufacturing. Ramon Gonzalez
  • (421e) Area 15D/E Life Sciences Plenary Award: “Physiome on a Chip”: How Integration of Systems Biology with “Organs-on-Chips” May Humanize Therapeutic Development. Linda Griffith

AICHE 2016

  • (428a) Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division Award: Control, Sensing, and Chemical Analysis using Microfluidic Devices. Mark A. Burns
  • (428b) Area 15A, Food - Plenary: Bioelectronic Nose: Integration of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Tai Hyun Park
  • (428c) Area 15B/PD2M, Pharmaceuticals - Plenary: Human Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip Platform for Pharmaceutics. Ali Khademhosseini
  • (428d) Area 15C, Bioengineering - Plenary: Status of Biocatalysis: Protein and Process Engineering. Andreas S. Bommarius
  • (428e) Area 15D/E, Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science - Plenary: Cellular Bioengineering: Past, Present, and Future. Rena Bizios

AICHE 2015

  • Division 15 Service Award to Dr.Theresa Good
  • (422a)  Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division Award: Molecular Bioprocessing As an Emerging Paradigm for Advancing Medicine. Jonathan Dordick
  • (422b)  Area 15A - Food - Plenary - Beyond Cell's Constraints: In Vitro Synthetic (Enzymatic) Biosystems for Next-Generation Biomanufacturing. Y.-H. Percival Zhang
  • (422c)  Area 15B/PD2M - Pharmaceuticals - Plenary: Holistic Pharmaceutical Creation. Bernhardt L. Trout
  • (422d)  Area 15C - Bioengineering - Plenary: Antibiotic Probiotics Reduce Pathogen Counts in Host GI Tracts. Yiannis N. Kaznessis
  • (422e)  Area 15D/E - Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science - Plenary: IRE1 Signaling, ER Stress and Cancer. Christina Chan

AICHE 2014

  • (a) Hydrogels As Dynamic Niches for Regenerative Medicine. Kristi S. Anseth
  • (b) Use of Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Metadynamics Computation to Determine Hydrolase Mechanisms. Peter J. Reilly
  • (c) Recent Advances in the Monitoring, Modeling and Control of Crystallization in Impure Media. Zoltan K. Nagy
  • (d) Strategies for Increased Bio-Based Fuels - with a Focus on Biotechnology Solutions to Recalcitrance. Brian H. Davison
  • (e) Bioengineering Paradigms for Cell Migration in Confined Microenvironments. Konstantinos Konstantopoulos