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Research & New Technology Committee (RANTC)

This AIChE Research and New Technology Committee (RANTC)  identifies and prioritizes opportunities for research in chemical engineering and the emerging fields of technology that may employ chemical engineering skills. In other words, RANTC is the entity that identifies, nurtures, and deploys professionally relevant technologies that strengthen AIChE by attracting and retaining practicing professionals involved in those technologies. It coordinates with the Program Committee to detect and evaluate these new areas, and to facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to the members by reports, programming, publications in AIChE media, exhibitions and seminars, and any other appropriate means. The many AIChE divisions, forums and institutes all focus on various key areas of the profession.  In doing so they maintain the discipline and nurture continuous growth and improvement of chemical engineering profession.

RANTC was chartered by and is a part of the AIChE Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC).  RANTC works with our members to explore and, where appropriate assist in developing new areas of relevancy to AIChE.  The RANTC role, therefore, is to look out over the horizon and identify new areas of programming interest brought to us by AIChE members.

Some examples of areas that have entered in through the RANTC portal include:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Bio-Engineering
  • Sustainability

All have now found homes as part of the rich fabric of the AIChE technical community.

RANTC meets twice a year, at the fall and spring conferences.  Our meetings are open to all conference participants and you are welcome to attend and either listen to the presentations or bring your own ideas to the table. To learn more about RANTC, read: