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Ernest W. Thiele Award (from Chicago section, sponsored by BP)

Ernest W. Thiele, 1895-1993


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Thiele’s longest professional work experiences were with the Standard Oil Company of Indiana and the University of Notre Dame. He retired as associate director of research at Standard Oil (now the Amoco Corporation) in 1960 after thirty-five years there and then served as a visiting professor of chemical engineering at Notre Dame until 1970. His name was known to every chemical engineer trained after 1927, since by then all departments of chemical engineering were teaching the McCabe-Thiele method for determining distillation parameters. After 1939, most chemical engineers interested in designing chemical reactors employing solid catalysts became familiar with the Thiele modulus and catalyst electiveness factors, which were inventions of Thiele. Ernest Thiele was born on December 8, 1895, in Chicago, Illinois. More information about him can be found here.

The Ernest W. Thiele award is sponsored by BP and recognizes the outstanding contributions to our profession by a Midwest region chemical engineer. This award was established by the AIChE Chicago Section and is presented annually to a Midwest region AIChE member. This internationally recognized award consists of an engraved plaque and $1000 honorarium presented at our sectional meeting. One of the highest honors a distinguished chemical engineer can receive is our Chicago Section Thiele award. Please consider nominating a deserving engineer for this prestigious award.

Nomination forms and additional information (i.e. deadline) can be obtained from the Thiele Committee Chair.

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