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Recruitment Tips - AIChE Member Get a Member

  • Take a look at the list of AIChE membership benefits online at When discussing membership with your peer, listen for clues for the benefits that meet their needs.
  • Welcome your newest colleague at work and encourage them to attend your Local Section meeting. Help them feel at home and introduce them to other members.
  • Host a lunch with your peers at work and gain a better understanding of their technical and career challenges.  Guide them on to take advantage of AIChE member resources.
  • Reach out to your alumni buddies and invite them to meet up with you at an upcoming AIChE event.
  • Share your member story on social media sites about how being involved in AIChE has benefitted your career. You can also send direct messages to your chemical engineering connections on LinkedIn.
  • Recommend that a friend join you in volunteering. Check out the newest opportunities posted on Volunteer Central –
  • Publish an article in your company or university publications explaining how AIChE helped your career.
  • Encourage your connections that you make outside of your home country to consider starting a Local Section/Young Professional Group in their country.
  • Share announcements about upcoming AICHE conferences, courses and webinars. Emphasize the significant savings that is included with membership.

For all of the above, don’t forget to also include a link to the Member-Get-A-Member promotion page so they can apply for membership.

Learn more about the Member-Get-A-Member Program for individuals or communities.

If you have any questions about being an AIChE Member Champion, contact the AIChE Membership Team.