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CRE Travel Awards

The Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division will make up to 20 travel awards to assist graduate students with their travel expenses so that they can attend the AIChE Annual meeting and present the results of their research. The awards will consist of $400, plus a ticket to the CRE Division Dinner, where the recipients will be officially recognized. To be eligible, the student must be a member of the AIChE and present a paper (oral or poster) at the Annual Meeting in one of the CRE Division sessions.

Award details

The awards consist of $400, plus a ticket to the CRE Division Dinner, where the recipients will be officially recognized.

DeadlineAugust 9, 2019
AdministratorsCatalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (CRE)
PresentationThe awards are presented annually at the CRE Division Dinner at the AIChE Annual Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

The nomination for this award should be made by the student’s research advisor. Each advisor may nominate only one student. Only members of the CRE Division may nominate students. Students may win this award only once during the course of their graduate studies. There are no forms to be filled out.

The nomination package should include:

  1. The presentation abstract
  2. A two page resume, highlighting the student's accomplishments, including the student's Grade Point Average (GPA)
  3. A single page recommendation letter from the faculty advisor

Factors that would play a role in the section criteria include – presentations given by the students, quality of the abstract, record of publication, detailed recommendation letters specifically highlighting the scholarship and ability of the student to communicate their findings to a scientific audience.

The nomination material must be sent electronically by email as a single PDF file titled LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME CRE TRAVEL AWARD 2019 (where LASTNAME and FIRSTNAME should refer to the applicant’s name) to the 2nd vice chair of the division to Randall Meyer, Email:

Nomination Form

Award Winners

  • Eric Hernandez

  • Devin Baser

  • Benjamin Abel Rizkin

  • Andrew Tricker

  • Aditya Prajapati

  • Zheng Li

  • Zachary Schiffer

  • Tianjun Xie

  • Sravan Kumar Kanchari Bavajigari

  • Sai Krishna Sirumalla