Heather Yuengling

Heather Yuengling

Board Assistant Secretary & Governance Manager

Heather Yuengling is AIChE’s Assistant Board Secretary & Governance Manager. In this capacity, she reports to the Executive Director & CEO regarding all matters of the Board of Directors and AIChE’s governance. She provides oversight of AIChE’s compliance and policies, and proposes revisions to policies and bylaws as needed.  Yuengling is the staff liaison for numerous board committees including the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, Nominating Committee, Governance Committee, and Board Awards Committee.  She is AIChE’s representative for the WISE (Washington Internships for Students of Engineering) program.  Subsequently, she works closely with and provides input to AIChE’s Executive Leadership Team.  Yuengling is responsible for preparing board meeting agendas, writing the minutes of the Board and Executive Committee meetings, onboarding new board members, and managing the elections for the Board of Directors. 

In addition to AIChE’s Board of Directors, Yuengling is also the Director of Board Governance for RAPID’s Governing Board.  In this role, she created the bylaws and helped develop the governance structure of RAPID, its membership agreement, and Statement of Project Objectives.  She provides orientation training for new board members and writes and maintains the minutes for RAPID’s Governing Board and Technical Advisory Board meetings. 

Yuengling attends the Corporate Council meetings hosted by AIChE in effort to capture learnings shared from top executives in industry.  Her report is distributed to the attending corporations to encourage continued participation and further communication regarding industry and AIChE’s role between industry and academia. 

Yuengling joined AIChE in February 2010 as an associate in CCPS and began working as the Board Assistant Secretary for AIChE in November 2011.

In positions prior to her employment at AIChE, Yuengling worked as an executive assistant for partners in investment banking at Lazard Ltd., Peter J. Solomon Co., and Baker Capital.  She also worked for the Dean of Engineering at the New York Institute of Technology. 

Yuengling successfully completed her paralegal certification from Pace University, which included three additional studies of law:  Corporate Law, Tort Law, and Contract Law.  A graduate of SUNY Stony Brook, Yuengling received a bachelor of arts in Psychology with a concentration in Sociology.  She has completed additional coursework towards a Masters degree in English and education at the New York Institute of Technology. 

Yuengling is a professional member of the Society for Corporate Governance and its New York City Chapter.  She regularly attends conferences and meetings with other governance professionals, Corporate Secretaries and General Counsel.

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