Introducing the 2019 WISE Interns

Pictured above is the 2019 Class of the WISE program. AIChE’s interns were: Bradie Crandall (third from right) and Cammie Hong (last on far right). Also pictured are Joshua Stiff (first on left), John Weidner (second from left), Kaitlyn Bishay (third from left) and Jillian Johnson (second from right).

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The WISE (Washington Internships for Students of Engineering) program offers students across engineering disciplines the opportunity to explore the interface between engineering and public policy.

The 2019 WISE representatives of AIChE and chemical engineering are Cammie Hong of Bucknell University, whose work centered on “Addressing Management Challenges Within the Nuclear Weapons Complex to Streamline Plutonium Disposition”; and Bradie Crandall of the University of South Carolina who studied “Preparing for the Worst: The Case for Solar Geoengineering Research and Oversight.”

Bradie Crandall receiving his certificate of completion from FMR, John Weidner
Cammie Hong receiving her certificate of completion from FMR, John Weidner

As part of the program, which ran from June 3rd to August 1st, the students prepared and delivered original research papers on public policy topics based on what they learned as interns.

The WISE interns, along with interns sponsored by other engineering organizations, presented their work at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill. The interns’ research will be published online in the September 2019 edition of the WISE Journal of Engineering and Public Policy, available at

The WISE program selects undergraduate engineering students to conduct research on public policy issues during the summer in Washington, DC.

The students learn about the interactions between the engineering community and the government in matters of public policy, and see how engineers can contribute to decision-making on complex technological matters.

Look for a future post on ChEnected where the AIChE WISE interns are interviewed about their experience this year.

The deadline for 2020 WISE internship applications is Dec. 31, 2019. For details, visit