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Management Division Young Leader Award

Young Leader Award

This award recognizes an outstanding leader under 40 years old by the nomination deadline who has made a significant contribution to the success of their organization by advancing a scope, project, unit, plant, division, technology, strategy or company that made an impact to the practice or field of chemical engineering. Nominees should be prepared to give a presentation on an important leadership topic of their choice at an AIChE Meeting if selected.


  • Awards are administered by a committee of the AIChE Management Division, which reviews all applications and recommends recipients for confirmation by the division’s Board.
  • Nominations should include a professional history of the nominee (brief curricula vitae) as well as a summary of the nominee’s accomplishments that specifically detail how the nominee meets the criteria of the award.
  • Supporting letters, from the Primary Sponsor and at least one co-sponsor citing specific contributions and the reasons for their value are required, with additional co-sponsors up to a maximum of three encouraged. Letters from co-sponsors should address first-hand knowledge of specific career and leadership achievements and not simply reiterate the same material already included in the nomination package.
  • Supporting letters from sponsors are encouraged to highlight, expand and emphasize the impact of the nominee’s work that affected the company and potential or growth as a leader.
  • Submittal of the nomination form and supporting materials to the designated Division Awards Subcommittee Chair shall be made by email.
  • The award will generally be awarded annually but only if qualified nominations have been received. This determination is solely at the discretion of the Management Division Awards Committee and the Management Division Board. Awards are presented at a special session, luncheon or dinner meeting held at an AIChE Meeting.
  • Award recognition appears in member publications, meeting program books, and website listings, newsletters, social media and blog postings.
  • All submitted nomination packages will be active for at least three years (subject to reconfirmation by the nominators who may be allowed to supplement the original submission if they so choose) subject to the age requirements listed below.


  • Demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and achievements that have made a substantial impact on a growth or success of a company.
  • The candidate(s) should have demonstrated a leadership role in any of the following areas of chemical engineering. (Engineering, Design & Construction, Project or Process Development, Process Safety, Manufacturing Operations, R&D, Sales and Marketing, Nonprofit, Military, Government, Law, Consulting, Management Consulting, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Entrepreneurship, etc.).
  • Nominees are required to be a member of AIChE at the time of nomination.
  • The candidate should be under 40 by the nomination deadline.

Nomination Packet (Documents) 

  • A plaque 
  • US $1,000 honorarium 
  • Up to US $1,000 for expense reimbursement to attend the AIChE Meeting in which the award is presented (may include coach-class airfare, hotel, and one-day conference registration fee) 
  • Ticket for division dinner for award recipient and a guest
DeadlineSeptember 15, 2022
AdministratorsManagement Division (MGMT)
PresentationThe award is presented at the next AIChE Spring Meeting.
Nomination Instructions

Submit applications or ask questions by writing to

Nomination Form

SponsorsThe Chemours Company