Dr Ran Xu | AIChE

Dr Ran Xu

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ran Xu, Jr. was selected as the recipient of the

2023 Young Leader Award. 

Dr. Ran Xu is a focused driver of performance excellence and leader of an

internal SWAT team of engineers who are called upon to solve some of

DuPont’s most challenging problems. These problems pop up suddenly

and require immediate attention; furthermore, they come from a wide array

of specialties within DuPont’s businesses. Dr Xu’s team at Kingston,

Ontario, Canada has demonstrated a track record of success in each of

these business areas, earning a reputation for a “can do” mentality and

successful business outcomes. Further, this corporately leveraged model is

regularly benchmarked versus external options and continues to be

supported by the company, confirming Kingston’s high caliber of operations

and Ran’s robust leadership of this high performing group. The

organization’s success requires PhD leaders to have expertise and

knowledge in four key areas: science and innovation, teamwork and

collaboration, project management and business processes. Dr. Xu is a

rare example of a PhD Engineer who has demonstrated excellence in all

four areas and the passion and drive to excel further in each.

Dr. Xu has an excellent track record of leading and executing technology

development for over 20 innovative processes, products, or supply chain

options, for the industries of semiconductor, crop protection, photovoltaics,

energy storage, specialty polymers, renewable energy, renewable fuels,

and petrochemical. Dr. Xu co-authored over 17 DuPont internal reports

including extensive technology transfer and basic data packages, and over

12 DuPont presentations and posters at internal DuPont technical

conferences. Dr Xu is the co-author of 16 external published works and 1

invention. Dr. Xu contributed to the setup of pilot operations and analytical

lab for a new research institution at Western University.

Dr. Xu is a leader with a demonstrated track record of committing and

advancing organization cultures in safety, highest ethical behaviors,

respect for people and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Inspiring leader with

passion for community contributions.