Industrial Progress Award

This award recognizes significant contributions by individuals -- working in industries served by chemical engineers -- who have received their highest academic degree within 17 calendar years of the year in which the award is given. (For the 2020 award cycle, the candidate must have earned his or her highest academic degree between the year 2003 and the present.)

Nominations: General award provisions, a description of the nomination packet, and a link to the nomination platform can be found at

February 15, 2020
Award Administrator(s): 

A plaque

This award debuted in 2012.

Selection of the winner of the award will be based on three key criteria:

  • Impact of the contributions – have the contributions made a difference in the market place and global community?
  • Magnitude of the challenges that were overcome – what was the degree of difficulty?
  • Innovation and technical creativity – what is the intellectual content?