Bindu Krishnan | AIChE

Bindu Krishnan

Technical Leader
The Dow Chemical Company

Bindu Krishnan, currently technical leader for the Adhesive, Sealants and Binder segment in the Polyurethane Business is responsible for the strategy and technology development of a fully formulated adhesive for the construction & infrastructure market. Prior to this she was a Research Scientist in Dow Automotive, driving the development of next generation automotive adhesive to help automakers meet globally legislated mandates for emissions and fuel efficiency.

Bindu Krishnan began her career with Dow Polyurethane in 2006, where she was involved development of coatings designed for synthetic leathers and wood. In 2007 she joined Application Technology development where she led the development and commercialization of Binders for indoor and outdoor applications.

Bindu holds a Ph.D (2002) in Organic Polymer from University of Bordeaux, France. She also completed a Post-doctoral fellowship at Goodyear Polymer center (University of Akron) before joining Dow. Bindu has 11 peer reviewed Journal articles, 5 approved US patents, 1 EU patent, over 50 internal publications and several pending patent applications.

She is passionate about Science as well as “Women in the chemical Industry”. She is the current chair for the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN-Freeport Chapter). This network under her leadership has been orchestrating opportunities for female scientists to interact with senior management as well as providing mentorship and events that can help their career advancement to help retain talents in DOW. She also serves as the Chair of the American Institute of Chemical Engineer’s Women’s Initiative Committee. In addition she is a STEM ambassador, steering the STEM activities throughout Brazoria county.