November 17

7:30 AM

Site Visit to Denbury's Hastings Oil Field

12:30 PM

Site Visit to NRG's Petra Nova CCUS Demonstration Project

November 18

8:20 AM

There Must be a "U" in CCUS

9:00 AM

Fossil Forward: Recommendations for Bringing Scale & Speed to CCS

10:00 AM

DOE's Carbon Management Program

12:00 PM

Carbon Capture at Coal-Fired Power Plants: SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Project and Beyond

November 19

10:00 AM

Carbon Capture and Storage in Australia

12:00 PM

CO2-EOR, Denbury's Perspective

July 17

9:30 AM

CMTC 2017 Site Visit to the Petra Nova Carbon Capture Facility

1:00 PM

CMTC 2017 Site Visit to the Port Arthur Refinery

1:00 PM

CMTC 2017 Site Visit to the Oyster Bayou Field

July 18

8:35 AM

Pathways not Targets. Let’s Get Serious.

9:10 AM

Carbon Capture at a Crossroads

10:05 AM

Charting a Course for Coal’s Future

10:40 AM

U.S. Direction on CCUS

11:15 AM

Negative Emissions Technologies and Strategies Based on Geological Storage of Photosynthetic CO2

1:00 PM

Carbon: The Final Frontier

1:35 PM

Panel Discussion: Opportunities that Exist for CCU Technologies

July 19

8:00 AM

The Potential Role of CCS in Electricity and Liquid Fuel Production Sectors

8:35 AM

Introduction to The International CCS Knowledge Centre

10:05 AM

Clean Coal is a Reality

11:15 AM

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Works Scope in CCUS

2:35 PM

International Test Center Network Panel

3:25 PM

CCUS Transition Issues: The Legal and Policy Landscape

July 20

8:00 AM

International Collaboration on CCUS R&D

8:35 AM

CCUS, Wyoming, & Non-OECD Economies: ISO Standards as the Common Denominator

9:10 AM

Carbon Management at Shenhua: NICE R&D initiatives and CCUS Demonstrations