AIChE-IChemE Joint Session: Energy, Water, Food, Materials - An Interconnected Global Challenge

November 5, 2013

AIChE and IChemE are creating a collaborative working group to respond to increasing demands for water, energy and food. This session will include exchanging views on priorities, exploring options for engaging beyond traditional boundaries and more.

With an expected 3 billion additional middle class consumers by 2030 with increasing demand for energy, water, food, and materials, two of the largest organizations of chemical engineers in the world, AIChE and IChemE, are creating a collaborative working group to respond to this challenge. This session will be held in a workshop format to include messages from representatives from both societies on the challenges, exchanging views on priorities, and exploring options for how we engage beyond our traditional boundaries.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Dale L. Keairns

Dr. Keairns has over 40 years experience in industry, consulting, teaching and service through professional society initiatives. The last ten years have focused on energy systems analysis and planning activities to guide technology research and development needs for the Nation’s energy future, supporting energy research programs, management responsibility for strategic energy projects, and supporting the development of technology roadmaps for future energy systems.  This work was carried out through a support contract to the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory...Read more