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Process Safety Boot Camp

Public (classroom) Course
Offered in North America, this intensive and highly interactive 4-day course trains chemical engineers in the fundamentals of Process Safety. Taught...

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)

CCPS was established in 1985 to focus on engineering and management practices that can prevent and mitigate catastrophic accidents involving release of hazardous materials. CCPS is supported by sponsors in the chemical and hydrocarbon process industries and active worldwide via conferences, books, databases, education, research, and more.

Cover of March 2017 CEP – Cover Feature: Work-Life Balance

March 2017 CEP Preview

March 13, 2017
This month's CEP Magazine looks at managing a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance, along with features on safely servicing relief devices and on improving production...

O Beacon : Uma Ferramenta Gratuita que Salva Vidas

Spotlight on Safety
Louisa Nara
This is a non-official document translation although based on the original article, "The Beacon: A Free Tool That Saves Lives. Please, refer to the original language version of the article at

Intro to Quantitative Risk Analysis

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 13, 2016
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Basic Concepts in Risk Analysis

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 13, 2016
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Prevention of Combustible Dust Explosions

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 12, 2016
This tutorial emphasizes the technical understanding of combustible dust phenomena. It will enable attendees to better understand combustible dust...

Vapor Cloud Explosions

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 12, 2016
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Guidelines for Defining Process Safety Competency Requirements

October, 2015
This Guideline presents the framework of process safety knowledge and expertise versus the desired competency level in a “super-matrix” format, vertically and diagonally. The matrix references for potential remedies/required training may be tailored to a company’s internally developed training,...


January, 2015
《机械完整性体系指南》所述美国化工过程安全中心(CCPS)制定的机械完整性管理体系指南,属于过程安全和风险管理体系中的一部分,是石油化工行业、电力系统及其他存在高风险的生产行业进行机械设备、资产有效管理的重要指南。   本书从机械完整性定义开始,详述了相关概念,明确了领导层在机械完整性管理或者设备管理中的职责,制定了比较详细的实现机械完整性管理的操作指南,内容涵盖相关管理职责、机械完整性管理培训、机械完整性管理对象目标与任务、机械完整性项目的实施程序及执行、针对整个机械设备生命周期的质量保证体系、缺陷管理、风险管理、检验测试及预防性维修、绩效评估、机械完整性评审及持续改进的一系列系统化的内容...

Use the Bow Tie Diagram to Help Reduce Process Safety Risks

Bruce K. Vaughen, P.E., Kenneth Bloch
Bow tie diagrams are useful for visualizing process safety risks and safeguards. Although typically used after an incident has occurred, bow tie diagrams can also be employed during a process hazard analysis.

Process Saety Beacon: Do Not Mix Incompatible Materials in Storage Tanks

Process Safety Beacon
The incompatible chemicals sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) were inadvertently mixed during a routine raw material delivery to a plant in Atchison, KS, on Oct. 21, 2016. The chemicals reacted, releasing a cloud of chlorine gas into the...

Chinese Hackers Target U.S. Oil and Gas

February 22, 2013
A group of China’s increasingly sophisticated cybersoldiers, known as the “Comment Crew," appear to be trying to penetrate America's critical infrastructure, including systems...

Don’t Do This!

Glenn Young, Joel Olener
These are some of the worst process safety management (PSM) practices we have seen. Don’t make these mistakes.

New Products: January 2017

New Products
Environmental, Health, and Safety Adsorbent Makes Use of Glass Waste The Green Glass Adsorbent Technology is made of recycled LCD-panel glass. This unique material adsorbs heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater, and then desorbs the ions so...

Process Safety Beacon: High Oxygen Concentrations Can Be Hazardous

Process Safety Beacon
A fire in the Apollo 1 command module killed all three crew members during a launch rehearsal test on Jan. 27, 1967. The atmosphere of the command module was 100% oxygen at 16.7 psia (1.15 bar). Materials that are hard to ignite in air burn rapidly...

January 2017 CEP Preview

January 9, 2017
This month CEP looks at troubleshooting, offers a feature on process safety management don'ts (read full text online), looks at air-cooled heat exchanger performance, and much...

December 2016 CEP Preview

December 7, 2016
This month, CEP features a look at business planning, as well as pump sizing, reducing process safety risks with the bow-tie diagram, and much more.

Profile: Pursuing Science for the Public Good

For Siddhartha “Sid” Roy, watching the Flint water crisis unfold and listening to the stories of its residents has emphasized the role the public should play in engineering and public health. “If we as engineers have a public-focused mindset, we...

Process Safety Beacon: Uncover Hidden Ignition Sources

Process Safety Beacon
Some ignition sources are obvious. A glowing cigarette, an active oxyacetylene torch, and a cascade of sparks and burning metal from a grinder are hard to miss. Others ignition sources may be hidden, such as glowing particles from past hot work, hot...

Spotlight On Safety: The Beacon: A Free Tool that Saves Lives

Spotlight on Safety
Louisa Nara
If a free tool that improves process safety and saves lives were available, would you use it? The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has been providing such a tool for the past 15 years. The Process Safety Beacon is a one-page monthly message...

Process Safety Beacon: Fifteen Years of the Process Safety Beacon

Process Safety Beacon
In November 2001, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) published the first issue of the Process Safety Beacon and distributed it to a few hundred people. Since then, 180 issues for process industry workers have been published (available at...

Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems

July, 2006
In recent years, process safety management system compliance audits have revealed that organizations often have significant opportunities for improving their Mechanical Integrity programs. As part of the Center for Chemical Process Safety's Guidelines series, Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity...

Integrating Process Safety and Innovation

Peter Lodal, Jennifer Mize
It’s important to consider process safety early in the innovation process. Use a success modes and effects analysis to ensure your innovation can be safely and economically commercialized.

October 2016 CEP Preview

October 11, 2016
This month's cover feature focuses on investigating process incidents as a means of preventing future incidents.

Playing with Fire in Outer Space

December 2, 2011
Scientists aboard the International Space Station are playing with fire, literally. As part of the Flame Extinguishment Experiment (FLEX), scientists are studying how flames react...

My Neighborhood Radioactive Waste Dump

February 22, 2016
Like so many of us, I jog through my neighborhood in pursuit of 10,000 steps a day. My urban journey through Queens, NY, is a slow blur of delis, liquor marts, and grocery stores...

2nd CCPS China Conference on Process Safety

August 15, 2014
The 2nd CCPS China Conference on Process Safety will take place on August 28-29, 2014, with a one day pre-conference process safety boot camp offered on August 27, 2014.

Runaway: Explosion at T2 Laboratories [Video]

April 8, 2010
On December 19, 2007, a runaway chemical reaction during the production of a gasoline additive destroyed T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida , killing four people and...

Deb Grubbe on Big Data in Chemical Engineering

May 14, 2015
Chemical engineer Deb Grubbe had an opportunity to sit down with CEP senior editor Michelle Bryner to talk about about how big data could be used to improve safety in the chemical...

The Principle of Fail-Safe

February 23, 2011
Recently, I had the occasion to ponder the principle of fail-safe while whirling around at breakneck speeds 20 feet off the ground. Since nothing works perfectly forever—including...

Interview with Luke Kissam of Albemarle

April 2, 2014
10th Global Congress on Process Safety Chair Jatin Shah sat down with Tuesday's lunch speaker Luke Kissam of Albemarle to chat about his talk entitled "Creating a Safety Culture."

April 2015 CEP Preview

April 3, 2015
Career Catalyst Humanitarian Chemical Engineering A broader view of ethics and professional responsibility considers the engineer’s impact on humanity. Read this article now...

April 2016 CEP Preview

April 7, 2016
This month, tips for including water conservation in your energy-management program, an introduction to mammalian cell culture, pointers for preventing caking of bulk solids, and...

4th AIChE Regional Process Technology Conference

June 18, 2012
The South Texas Section of the AIChE, in partnership with AIChE HQ, is hosting its 4th Regional Process Technology Conference at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference...

What Is the Goal?

May 14, 2013
When is the last time you read a novel that offered insights you could apply on the job as a process engineer? Check out the classic The Goal for a must-read drama that takes...

September 2015 CEP Preview

September 8, 2015
HEAT TRANSFER Cool Down with Liquid Nitrogen Many low-temperature processes leverage nitrogen's cooling and freezing capabilities. Find out what methods are used in what...

Interview with ExxonMobil's Michael Dolan

April 12, 2012
ChEnected sat down with Michael Dolan, senior vice president of ExxonMobil following his keynote address in Houston. Hear his thoughts on process safety as it relates to chemical...

June 2016 CEP Preview

June 14, 2016
This month a special SBE supplement looks at commercializing industrial biotechnology.

System Attacks - Turning SCADA into NADA

March 12, 2013
Intelligence reports show that a rising number of cyber attacks have targeted energy infrastructure around the world, accounting for 40% of all the incidents.

Spring Meeting YP Programming: Preview

February 7, 2012
Young Professionals have a lot to look forward to at the 2012 Spring Meeting in Houston. Whether you are interested in technical topics or professional development, there will be...

Ethics and the Chemical Engineer

December 12, 2013
What do future chemical engineering leaders know about ethics? Ethics and safety have become a major part of the chemical engineering profession. AIChE's 2013 Gala in November...


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