(84b) Carbonomics: Introduction to Carbon Pricing, Regulations, and Frameworks | AIChE

(84b) Carbonomics: Introduction to Carbon Pricing, Regulations, and Frameworks


Stern, M., Expo
James, J., Exponent, Inc.
Morrison, A. M., Exponent, Inc.
Buehler, C., Exponent Inc
Chemical engineers developing sustainable technologies or managing sustainability programs should be aware of the economics, regulations, and frameworks surrounding carbon. Carbon economics, regulations, and frameworks include mandatory cap-and-trade markets, voluntary markets, border adjustment mechanisms, science-based emissions targets based on the Paris Accord, and the cost of a range of carbon avoidance and sequestration-based offsets such as reforestation, soil sequestration, and direct air capture. Further, engineers should be aware of emerging frameworks from a range of organizations and federal agencies including the evolving disclosure requirements being developed by the Securities and Exchange commission, and reporting metrics developed by the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

This talk will provide an introduction to the many interconnecting, competing, and complementary carbon markets, regulations, and frameworks that influence the value of new technologies, products, processes, and sustainability programs.


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