(100b) Green and Blue Hydrogen Installation Considerations | AIChE

(100b) Green and Blue Hydrogen Installation Considerations


Varraveto, D. - Presenter, Burns & McDonnell
Ploetz, C. - Presenter, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co
Hydrogen has become a much-discussed potential solution for energy suppliers and users to meet net zero carbon. A significant discussion to this point has focused on the intricacies of producing "Green" Hydrogen via electrolyzer technology to split water for electric power peak shaving and multisite, distributed applications. For higher capacity, centralized applications, "Blue" Hydrogen can be produced from traditional natural gas reforming with the addition of CO2 capture to existing facilities or inclusion in new unit design. These new and traditional process and feedstock combinations are intended to meet the objective of reducing and ultimately eliminating carbon related emissions associated with energy production AND consumption.

A next step in the evolution of Hydrogen as a fuel is bridging from technology demonstration to commercial application. To gain a better understanding of the bridging requirements, this paper will extend the Hydrogen as fuel conversation to consider the Balance of Plant or other systems needed to implement Green or Blue Hydrogen pathways. The specific areas to be covered will include feedstock characterization and handling, energy input, product use and byproduct disposition. Actual recent Green & Blue Hydrogen technology implementation and integration experience will be included.