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  1. Entering a New Golden Age of Chemical Engineering


    Chemical engineering expertise is essential for a wide variety of areas that are shaping the world’s future, making this truly a new Golden Age of ChE. At the same time, a hallmark of our scientific and technological advances is that they must address larger contexts, and we must aid both industry...

  2. Building Trust - A Key Leadership Skill


    We discuss what it means to be a trustworthy leader, how to build trust within teams, and what are the best behaviors to maintain trust within your team. The ability to build trust within your team or organization is a key interpersonal skill for effective leadership at all levels. A team that has...

  3. Green Chemistry and Materials


    Many advanced composite materials use hazardous chemicals in the adhesive resin and use inorganic fibers for strength. A typical composite like fiberglass might use a styrene-polyester co-polymer, a polyurethane, or an epoxy resin. While the cured resin is unreactive, the uncured form may be quite...

  4. Young Professionals and AIChE


    Whether you are a recent graduate looking to get involved or your AIChE communities are struggling without new interest, you will appreciate the practical advice and insight for and about Young Professionals. As chair of the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) in AIChE, Elizabeth will discuss the...

  5. Transition to Work


    Students and new engineers: Are you nervous about transitioning from school to "the real world?” Have no fear! This webinar prepares you to go from your college's or university's library to a plant site or head office of leading a company in industry. Topics include: marketing yourself to land an...

  6. Treating Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Waters: Potential New Membrane Applications


    This presentation reviews membrane separation processes that could be used to treat hydraulic fracturing flowback waters. The advantages and limitations of these processes are highlighted. Data from commercial treatment facilities is also presented.

  7. Finding Your Grail, the Beyonce Turn, and Career Satisfaction

    ChemE On Demand Presentation (AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, 2004)

    The Women's Intiatives Committee (WIC) luncheon features keynote speaker Cheryl Teich. Cheryl is talking about her career path, obstacles she had to overcome and also share advice for achieving a successful career.

  8. Key Finance Measures for Successful Projects


    This webinar is designed to help engineers and chemists develop a better understanding of basic accounting and finance concepts. IIt will be of interest to those contemplating getting a business degree as these topics are usually covered in the first required finance and accounting course in the degree program.

  9. A Leader's Tactical Approach to Influence Changes in Process Safety Culture

    ChemE On Demand Presentation (AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, 2014)

    Following the Texas City disaster and the subsequent publishing of “Failure to Learn”, many companies were awakened to the idea that their top leaders played a much more defining role in the success of their organization’s integrated process safety program. Once an organization recognizes that a...

  10. What Should Leaders be Held Accountable for When It Comes to PSM Performance?

    ChemE On Demand Presentation (AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, 2014)

    What should leaders be held accountable for when it comes to PSM Performance? Accountability is much easier to describe than to create or instill. When it comes to PSM performance, what should leaders be held accountable for? Is it the Culture? The lagging and leading indicators? What about those...