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  1. VLS Presents 2015 AIChE President-elect Candidates


    The Virtual Local Section hosted the 2015 AIChE President-Elect Candidates, Tom Hanley and Greg Stephanopoulos, to discuss their vision for AIChE. After the discussion, the candidates had the opportunity to answer questions in a friendly sharing of ideas and plans. Visit the Virtual Local Section...

  2. Humor That Works


    Engineers strive for efficiency and effectiveness. Sadly, humans aren’t always either one. Luckily we have a tool to help us get the most out of ourselves and our co-workers. Humor has been shown to improve communication, build relationships, enhance problem-solving, increase productivity, and...

  3. Young Professionals and AIChE


    Whether you are a recent graduate looking to get involved or your AIChE communities are struggling without new interest, you will appreciate the practical advice and insight for and about Young Professionals. As chair of the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) in AIChE, Elizabeth will discuss the...

  4. Understanding the AIChE Endorsed Long Term Care Insurance Program


    In this webinar, attendees learn about the Long Term Care insurance program sponsored by AIChE.

  5. VLS: Great Inventions That Changed The World


    You will not only learn about inventions and inventors, but also the impact they have had on our lives and the society and environment in which we live today. Inventions solve problems, but they can also directly or indirectly create new problems as well, from pollution to global warming to...

  6. VLS: AIChE Presidential Candidates Meetup


    The Virtual Local Section hosted the 2014 AIChE President-Elect Candidates, Cheryl I. Teich and Philip W. Winkler, to discuss their vision for AIChE. After the discussion, the candidates had the opportunity to answer questions in a friendly sharing of ideas and plans.

  7. Patent FAQ’s - What You Really Need To Know


    This presentation will cover the definition of a patent, types of patents, criteria used to obtain a patent, the duration of the patents, the new patent law, and disclosure issues.

  8. An Insider’s View of the New Patent Laws


    Mr. Stoll explains how patentees can better protect their valuable patents and how challengers can advantage their positions in contesting competitors’ patents. He provides insights about the factors to evaluate when deciding whether to use the new Inter Partes Review procedures and the Post Grant Review procedures or to go to the courts instead.

  9. Leading LOPA Forward: A CCPS Evergreen LOPA Database

    ChemE On Demand Presentation (AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, 2014)

    With the publication of Guidelines for Enabling Conditions and Conditional Modifiers in Layer of Protection Analysis (2013), Guidelines for Determining the Probability of Ignition of a Released Flammable Mass (2013), and Guidelines for Initiating Events and Independent Protection Layers in Layers...

  10. From Wet Algae to Liquid Fuels


    The presentation provides some general background on biofuels and on the use of algae as a biomass source for making liquid fuels. The presentation focuses on R&D efforts related to processing algae in its wet state, which eliminates an energy intensive drying step.