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  1. Treating Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Waters: Potential New Membrane Applications


    This presentation reviews membrane separation processes that could be used to treat hydraulic fracturing flowback waters. The advantages and limitations of these processes are highlighted. Data from commercial treatment facilities is also presented.

  2. Model-Based Design & Operational Optimization of Distillation Systems


    This presentation covers model-based design and operational optimization of continuous distillation processes.

  3. Emissions of Mercury and Other Air Toxics: Compliance Strategies for Coal Combustion


    What do you need to know about mercury, HCI, metals and other toxics control? This webinar will address technical and permitting issues from two perspectives: what is required (by Nick Hutson of USEPA) and what strategies could you adopt (by Bob Fraser of ERM).

  4. Failure Mechanisms in Lithium Ion Batteries: Opportunities for Materials Development


    This presentation will focus on the primary failure mechanisms for lithium ion batteries, how those mechanisms are affected by material selection, and vehicle applications for batteries and their future development.

  5. Chemical Product Design


    This webinar will discuss whether the skill set of chemists and chemical engineers is appropriate for this altered chemical industry.

  6. Understanding Why Bulk Solids Behave Differently Than Liquids


    Providing insights into why bulk solids behave differently than liquids, this webinar introduces concepts regarding powder flow testing, bin/silo design, feeder integration, and mechanisms of powder segregation.

  7. Tapping into the Chemistry of Beer and Brewing


    This webinar puts the complexity of malting and brewing into readily accessible terms. Anyone interested in understanding the journey from grain, hops and yeast through to the world’s favorite alcoholic beverage will gain a new appreciation for the skill that goes into making a product with such...

  8. Algae - The New Green Crude


    Algae provides one solution to help the US reduce its dependence on foreign oil and create new green jobs. Barry Cohen and Will Thurmond will discuss both the technology and the commercial framework for the New Green Crude.

  9. Cheers! The Chemistry of Wine


    This webinar provides all the necessary information to fully appreciate this best companion of good food. It presents the history of wine as well as the chemical aspects of fermentation and of aging.

  10. Guidelines for Relative Hazard Ranking of Refrigerants and Siting Considerations for LNG Liquefaction Units

    ChemE On Demand Presentation (AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, 2013)

    Recent growth in the availability of domestic natural gas has led the industry to push for the development of liquefaction facilities, at both existing import/regasification facilities and new locations. As a consequence of this evolving need for North American liquefaction capacity, the Federal...