Kinetic Study of Two-Phase Reforming of Aqueous Fraction of Bio-Oil Using Ru Supported On Al2O3

Advanced Fossil Energy Utilization
AIChE Annual Meeting
November 6, 2013 - 4:45pm-5:00pm

Kinetic Study of Two-Phase Reforming of Aqueous fraction of Bio-oil using Ru supported on Al2O3Shyamsundar Ayalur Chattanathan , Sushil Adhikari , Vaishnavi Srinivasan , and Nourredine Abdoulmoumine  Department of Biosystems Engineering , Auburn University , AL  AbstractIncrease in energy demands with population growth has resulted in increased focus on renewable sources of energy. One option is to produce hydrogen from renewable resources such as bio-oil.  The objective of this study is to determine kinetics of aqueous fraction of bio-oil in two-phase reforming for hydrogen production. Reforming of bio-oil was carried out in a batch-scale reactor at three different temperatures (180 , 230 , and 280°C) under autogenous pressure. The effects of temperature and bio-oil concentration (5 , 10 and 15 vol. % in water) on exit gas composition and yield were investigated with and without catalysts. The highest hydrogen yield was obtained at 280°C for all bio-oil concentrations. It was observed that the H2 yield and carbon conversion improved with the addition of Ru/Al2O3 catalyst. For example , at 280°C 17% of the carbon was converted into gas phase in the presence of catalyst as compared to 6% without catalyst. All the experiments for kinetics study were conducted at 15% aqueous bio-oil concentration and residence time of 4 h. The activation energy for the reaction was found to be 66 kJ/mol (without catalyst) which decreased to 56 kJ/mol in the presence of catalyst. Although H2 selectivity was higher with catalytic reforming , there was no significant difference with temperature change. For non-catalytic reforming , it increased with increase in temperature. In addition , H2 selectivity in catalytic reforming increased by 78% , 58% , and 22% at temperatures 180 , 230 and 280ºC , respectively implying that catalyst was effective at lower temperatures. Keywords: Two-phase phase reforming , Bio-oil , Hydrogen selectivity and Carbon conversion.

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