Combustion Of Polyurethane By Chemical Looping Process In A Moving Bed Reactor Using Iron-Based Oxygen Carrier

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Polyurethane (PU) as a thermal setting plastic with high recovery cost was employed as fuel for chemical looping combustion. The heat value of PU was estimated to be 0.28 kJ/g based on the ultimate analysis of PU by an elemental analyzer. Alumina supported iron-based composite oxygen carriers were prepared for combustion with PU by a moving bed reactor. PU was gasified and reformed by gasification reactants, CO2/O2, to be CO and H2 as fuels prior to combustion with iron-based composite oxygen carriers at 900°C. By moving bed reactor operation, CO2 yield and PU conversion were both in the moving bed reactor. Long-term operation for PU combustion was lasted for 24 hours, and 100% of CO2 yield was stably maintained. PU combustion with iron-based oxygen carrier in moving bed operation was technically feasible; therefore, chemical looping combustion using solid waste as fuel can be considered as an alternative technology for solid waste treatment.

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