The Diversity Task Force Definition of Diversity

The Diversity Task Force believes it is important for AIChE to have a definition of diversity and it has developed the following definition that has been approved by the Societal Impact Operating Council.

The statement has also been reviewed to be consistent with AIChE's EEO statement, per Director of Human Resources and AIChE's legal counsel. The Diversity Task Force of AIChE has defined diversity as follows:

“Diversity means, on a global basis, creating an environment in the Institute and the profession in which all members, regardless of sex, race, religion age, physical condition, sexual orientation or nationality are valued equitably for their skills and abilities, and respected for their unique perspectives and experiences.”

2014 AIChE Gala

AIChE’s 2014 Gala will celebrate excellence in advancing diversity in the engineering profession. Honorees and their companies are being recognized for their distinguished leadership in strengthening diversity in the workplace.

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Chevron on Diversity

Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)

The Minority Affairs Committee promotes activities that encourage the education and training of disadvantaged minorities in engineering and related disciplines; fosters the employment of minorities at all levels of skills within the engineering field; encourages minority entrepreneurship; and directs the expertise of engineers to the solution of special social and economic problems faced by the such minorities.

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Women's Initiative Committee (WIC)

The Women's Initiatives Committee (WIC) leads in promoting the entry, development, and full participation of women in the Institute and the profession by mobilizing AIChE to meet the needs of existing and potential female members of AIChE and the profession and providing a networking means for women in AIChE to use each other as resources..

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