AIChE Diversity Statement

Board approved November 2015

AIChE is committed to creating an environment in the Institute and profession in which all members, regardless of characteristics such as gender, race, religion, age, physical condition, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity, are valued and respected.

Differences – A short film on Diversity in the Chemical Engineering Profession

This short film, debuted at the 2014 Gala, provides a visual testament to the values and benefits of diversity and inclusion by highlighting those things which make us different and showing us how those differences come together to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Diversity Summit

AIChE held a diversity summit at the annual meeting in Salt Lake City. Guests included:

  • Zenaida Gephardt (session chair and past chair of SIOC)
  • Cheryl Teich (2015 AIChE President)
  • Gilda Barabino (Dean at City College of NY — overview of MAC history)
  • Kate Ziemer (Northwestern Univ; Chair of SIOC; past director)
  • S. Shariq Yosufzai (vice president for global diversity, ombuds, and university affairs at Chevron)
  • Chastity Harmon (Manager of Univ. relations and diversity outreach at Praxair)
  • Adrienne Minerick (Michigan Tech Univ.; American Society of Engineering Education - ASEE)
  • Meagan Donaldson (Chair, AIChE Women's Initiatives Committee)

AIChE's Kelsey Kettelhut spoke with Adrienne Minerick about diversity efforts at Michigan Tech and ASEE. Watch the interview below.

Diversity Workshop 

AIChE held a diversity workshop on April 27, 2015 in Austin, bringing together institute leaders, companies' diversity representatives, and members from underrepresented and underserved groups, including LGBT engineers and engineers with disabilities, to share experiences and ideas. Ideas generated from this workshop will help form the basis of a future summit at the Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. AIChE fellow and SIOC member Zenaida Otero Gephardt sat down with Audrey Goins-Brichi of Chevron and Karen Horting, the executive director and CEO of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to discuss workplace diversity. See the interviews below.

2014 AIChE Gala

The 2014 AIChE Gala raised funds to support a number of critically important programs, including scholarships for engineering students from underrepresented groups, K–12 and public outreach initiatives, support for engineers in international student chapters, and AIChE’s advocacy for recruiting and retaining women in the profession, and supporting their re-entry after family leave.

Learn more about the Gala

AIChE Salutes Corporate Leaders for Promoting Diversity in Engineering

Chevron on Diversity

Women in Chemical Engineering

AIChE President Elect Cheryl Teich and 2011 President Maria Burka discuss the profession of chemical engineering for women.

Finding Your Grail, the Beyonce Turn, and Career Satisfaction

The Women's Intiatives Committee (WIC) Spring Meeting 2014 luncheon featured keynote speaker Cheryl Teich. Cheryl is talking about her career path, obstacles she had to overcome and also sharing advice for achieving a successful career. 

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Overcome Your Biases and Build a Great Team

2014 Gala Honoree Raj Gupta wrote a blog post for the Harvard Business Review on diversity.

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Support the Institute’s diversity program here.

Minority Affairs Committee (MAC)

The Minority Affairs Committee promotes activities that encourage the education and training of disadvantaged minorities in engineering and related disciplines; fosters the employment of minorities at all levels of skills within the engineering field; encourages minority entrepreneurship; and directs the expertise of engineers to the solution of special social and economic problems faced by the such minorities.

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Women's Initiative Committee (WIC)

The Women's Initiatives Committee (WIC) leads in promoting the entry, development, and full participation of women in the Institute and the profession by mobilizing AIChE to meet the needs of existing and potential female members of AIChE and the profession and providing a networking means for women in AIChE to use each other as resources..

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