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New Products: October 2023

New Products

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Sump Prevents Hazardous Chemical Spills

Pallet rack spill containment sumps

Pallet rack spill containment sumps are suitable for storing chemicals and highly corrosive liquids. The containment sumps can be positioned underneath drum racks to catch spills and drips from storage and dispensing. The sumps are constructed of galvanized heavy-gauge steel and feature a fully welded frame for durability and leak prevention. Forklift pockets allow for easy transport of the sumps. The sumps can also support vertical drum storage.


Heavy-Duty Gloves Provide Strong Grip

heavy-duty work gloves

These heavy-duty work gloves are breathable, comfortable, and suitable for everyday tasks. The fingertip fabric is touchscreen capable, while the palm is made from soft suede for durability. The gloves feature thermoplastic rubber (TPR) across the back of the hand, palm padding, and an abrasion-resistant palm patch for added protection. The hook-and-loop wrist strap and TPR pull tab allow the gloves to be easily taken on and off. Available sizes range from small to extra large.

Klein Tools

Safety Helmet Includes Breakaway Chin Strap

safety helmet provides high impact and heat resistance

The Ridgeline XR7 safety helmet provides high impact and heat resistance to keep workers safe. The helmet also features a chin strap that secures it but includes a breakaway mechanism to avoid strangulation during falls. The helmet is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/polycarbonate (ABS/PC), which is lightweight and durable. The integrated six-point ratchet secures the helmet to any head size. It also includes connection points for earmuffs and a face shield. In addition, the helmet meets the requirements of various safety standards.


Cooling Towel and Helmet Liner Protect Against Heat

cooling towel and helmet liner

This cooling towel and helmet liner with a nape cover provide chemical-free cooling for wearers exposed to high heat. The protective covering is activated with water and offers up to two hours of cooling per rinse. It also offers sun protection and is entirely machine washable. The covering was designed to protect personnel exposed to harmful sun rays and heat for extended periods.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Double-Seat Valve Simplifies Clean-in-Place

Unique Mixproof clean-in-place (CIP)

The Unique Mixproof clean-in-place (CIP) valve is a top-loaded, double-seat valve that manages the flow of cleaning media during the CIP process. It is a compact version of the regular double-seat valves already available. The seat lift keeps fluids separated, ensuring efficient cleaning and complete protection against the possible intrusion of harmful microorganisms. The valve is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-certified and can handle high-pressure flow without experiencing pressure shocks. The seal design offers extended service intervals, reducing downtime and minimizing unnecessary costs.

Alfa Laval

Sanitary Bag Break Station Keeps Environment Contaminant-Free

Dump Clean bag

The Dump Clean bag break station is now available in a sanitary model for the food, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries. The station includes an integrated fan and filter system that constantly draws fine particles inside the unit before they can escape the unit, keeping the environment free of dust contamination. The materials emptied from the bags pass through a loading grate and into a hopper for transfer via a conveying system. The bag break station features a stainless steel construction with interior welds to eliminate potential trapped and accumulated material.

Automated Flexible Conveyor

Dry Scroll Pump Eliminates Oil Disposal Step

 mXDS3 dry scroll pump is a dry alternative to traditional oil-sealed

The mXDS3 dry scroll pump is a dry alternative to traditional oil-sealed rotary valves. As a new addition to the existing line of dry scroll pumps, this pump offers a pumping speed of 3 m3/hr and an ultimate vacuum performance of 0.1 mbar. Avoiding oil in favor of a dry scroll configuration saves time and cost by eliminating the disposal step and the need to comply with pump oil environmental regulations.


Materials and Chemicals

Epoxy System Is Suitable for Medical Devices

The EP40TCMed is a two-part, room-temperature-curing epoxy system

The EP40TCMed is a two-part, room-temperature-curing epoxy system. When cured, the toughened epoxy delivers an elongation of 60–70%. It features a low tensile modulus of 5,000–15,000 psi at room temperature, which is suitable for applications like medical and wearable devices where low stress is required. The epoxy can withstand ethylene oxide (EtO), radiation, and other sterilants and anti-microbial cleaning agents. It is serviceable from –100°F to 300°F (–73°C to 149°C). The epoxy is offered in ounce, half-pint, pint, quart, and gallon kits.

Master Bond

Degreaser Is Free of Chlorinated Compounds

The Chlor-Free universal degreaser can dissolve grease, dirt, and oils in applications where a low flashpoint is acceptable. The formulation is non-corrosive and is suitable for heavy equipment, pumps, motors, generators, and cables, among others. It leaves no residue and evaporates quickly, minimizing equipment downtime. The degreaser meets regulations in all 50 states as a volatile organic compound (VOC)-compliant degreaser for heavy-duty cleaning in industrial settings since it has no chlorinated compounds. The degreaser is available in 14-oz aerosol cans.

CRC Industries


Transmitter Withstands Harsh Environments

Indigo300 is a plug-and-play transmitter

The Indigo300 is a plug-and-play transmitter capable of providing measurements in demanding industrial applications that require accurate readings. The transmitter enclosure is made of rugged IP65-rated metal for performance in rough conditions. The transmitter offers single-probe support and delivers analog outputs. It works with Indigo-compatible smart probes — which can be swapped whenever needed — to measure humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil.


Pyrometers Offer Wide Temperature Range

SPOT+ pyrometer line

The SPOT+ pyrometer line has been updated with new features that improve performance and suitability to challenging conditions. These improvements include new communication interfaces that allow for integration into internet of things (IoT) automation applications and a wide temperature range of 50°C to 3,500°C. The pyrometer line can remotely measure temperature in diverse industrial environments, including metals, glass, and cement manufacturing, as well as lime kilns and foundries. Each pyrometer has an integrated video camera that can be remotely monitored. When mounted in the company’s high-specification EXSH enclosure, the pyrometers are suitable for hazardous area zones 1, 2, 21, and 22.


LiDAR Scanner Generates Digital Models

Ray II is a high-precision light detection and radar (LiDAR) scanner

The Ray II is a high-precision light detection and radar (LiDAR) scanner that creates digital twins of large 3D objects at a faster rate and higher accuracy than comparable technologies. The scanner can be paired with the manufacturer’s software to generate digital renderings. This technology is useful for industrial applications that require a digital model of a physical object or job site. The scanner provides models with excellent angular and range accuracy.


Ammonia Sampler Increases Operator Safety

ammonia sampler tests the water content in anhydrous ammonia in hazardous applications

This ammonia sampler tests the water content in anhydrous ammonia in hazardous applications, including fertilizers, plastics, textiles, and petroleum manufacturing. By using closed sample fixtures and allowing operators to monitor ammonia concentration in-house, this sampler reduces the likelihood of ammonia exposure and the dangers of transporting samples to a lab. To increase safety, the sampler can be installed directly at the sample point. Each test takes about two hours, reducing the standard eight or more hours needed for lab testing, and automated testing removes the possibility of operator error.


Photoelectric Sensors Can Measure Reflective Surfaces

This photoelectric sensors is suitable for industrial material handling applications with difficult-to-sense surfaces like foil-wrapped pallets

The R202 series of photoelectric sensors are suitable for industrial material handling applications with difficult-to-sense surfaces like foil-wrapped pallets and other reflective surfaces. These photoelectric sensors detect the distance, presence, or absence of an object. Each sensor comes in a standardized housing with integrated solid metal bushings for durable installation. In addition, the sensors are available in alternating current (AC) variants with 24–240 V.


Gas Leak Detector Measures Gases with High Sensitivity

Panther Pro gas leak detector monitor

The Panther Pro gas leak detector monitors the presence of several hazardous gases, offering twice the sensitivity of its previous model. The detector, which uses a thermal conductivity sensor, is most commonly applied to helium, hydrogen, ammonia, and refrigerant monitoring applications. The integrated USB port and Bluetooth capabilities allow data to be internally logged and downloaded. A basic model without data logging capabilities is also available.

ION Science

Operations and Maintenance

Infrared Camera Helps Thermally Locate Hazards

The forward-looking infrared (FLIR) E8 Pro camera is the newest addition to the Pro series. It features a 3.5-in. touchscreen display with FLIR Ignite Cloud connectivity. Like previous models, the camera is handheld with a pistol-grip form factor. It pairs a 5-megapixel digital camera with a thermal camera via multi-spectral dynamic imaging capability. Captured images can be shared over Wi-Fi and accessed on a mobile device, web browser, or desktop computer. The infrared camera has built-in lens protection and offers up to four hours of continuous operation on one battery.


Walking Stackers Can Replace Forklifts

 CB30 and CB35 Walkie Counter-balance Stackers are walking stackers that are a safer alternative to forklifts

The CB30 and CB35 Walkie Counter-balance Stackers are walking stackers that are a safer alternative to forklifts. The CB30 and CB35 models have a maximum capacity of 3,000 lb and 3,500 lb, respectively. These stackers were designed for low-speed travel in areas where pedestrian safety is a concern. With updated controls and a compact chassis design, these stackers provide good maneuverability and load-handling capabilities. Each walking stacker includes power steering and features a 180-deg. steer arc.

Big Joe Forklifts


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