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ChatGPT Outperformed Students on Common College Assignments


The launch of the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered language model ChatGPT in late 2022 has spurred a global conversation about the implications and ethics of an AI tool that can convincingly mimic original human writing. One common concern is that AI will change the face of education by rendering plagiarism essentially undetectable.

Now, new research suggests that this could indeed be a concern at the university level. In nine of 32 university courses studied, ChatGPT’s responses to essay prompts matched or exceeded the performance of human students.

“As these tools become more accessible, students across the globe may use them to assist with their homework,” study coauthors Talal Rahwan and Yasir Zaki, both professors at New York Univ. (NYU) Abu Dhabi, write in an email to CEP. “However, it was still unclear whether ChatGPT’s performance is advanced enough to pose a serious risk of plagiarism.”

To find out, Rahwan, Zaki, and their team asked faculty members at NYU Abu Dhabi to provide ten questions from a course they’d taught at the university along with three random student responses to each question. They then used ChatGPT to generate three new responses to each question. After that, a set of three different...

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