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New Products: February 2022

New Products

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Safety Gloves Are Made of Breathable Material


The SmartCut BKCR4420 gloves offer cut resistance in a lightweight, breathable design. They have two coats of protection that combine slip resistance and permeation protection. A foam nitrile topcoat improves grip and a sandy grip finish improves abrasion resistance and cut protection. The gloves protect against sharp materials, abrasive surfaces, light oils, chemicals, and other caustic conditions. In addition, the full knit wrist provides a snug fit, prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the glove, and keeps the wearer’s hands warm.

Brass Knuckle Safety Products


Oil Concentration Analyzer Measures Oil-Refrigerant Ratios


The LiquiSonic OCR is an inline oil concentration analyzer for refrigerants. The device measures the pressure, temperature, and sonic velocity of the liquid refrigerant to determine the oil concentration. The device monitors in real-time to enable highly accurate and fast adjustment of the oil-refrigerant ratio. The device stores multiple product datasets and calculation models to accommodate a wide range of refrigerants. In addition, it offers maintenance-free operation and includes a process adapter to simplify installation.

SensoTech GmbH

Automated Conveyor Controller Manages Operations


The ET conveyor controller can monitor material levels in the feed hopper, vacuum conveyor, and/or receiving vessel via a choice of three operating modes. The controller automates material transfer at each step, eliminating the potential for human error and ensuring operational efficiency. It is suitable for handling powders, pellets, granules, and other bulk materials. Available controller models include the ET-Advance for simultaneously monitoring up to four level sensors and the ET3 and ET4 for monitoring a choice of individual sensor locations. Users can adjust the vacuum pump suction time, material discharge time, line clearing time, and other parameters to quickly accommodate different materials and recipes. The ET controllers can be integrated into existing programmable logic controller (PLC) environments or operated as standalone units.

Volkmann USA

Interface Modules Improve Reliability in Signal Processing


The RN Series of interface modules offer reliable signal processing and conditioning. They power the foundation of measurement instrument loops and safety instrumented systems built on the widely used analog process control infrastructure. The interface modules ensure reliable power supply and safe operation in hazardous areas, establishing a trusted signal link between field instruments and the process control system. Smart functions such as NAMUR signal conversion, line fault monitoring, galvanic signal isolation, signal doubling, and output signal amplification with bidirectional HART transparency give operators the control to protect assets and safeguard data signal integrity in the process.



Software Update Features Improvements and New Add-On Products


Version 6.0 of the Multiphysics software is now available. This release improves the productivity of product design, process development, and manufacturing. The new version introduces the Model Manager, a workspace feature that enables efficient simulation data management and collaboration. The Uncertainty Quantification Module is also included as a new add-on product. It uses probabilistic design methods to quantify uncertainty in analyses and predetermined safety margins. In addition, Version 6.0 brings significant improvements to the software’s solvers; for example, performance speed has been increased by a factor of ten in engineering areas such as heat radiation and models subjected to nonlinear structural material behavior. Other updates include more efficient electromagnetic simulation of printed circuit board (PCB) designs and a new acoustics model for flow-induced noise.


Fluids and Solids Handling

Thermoplastic Butterfly Valve Is Lightweight


The 565 thermoplastic butterfly valve offers higher reliability, lighter weight, and better cost-efficiency than metal valves in water treatment and other applications. The valve consists of high-performance plastic components that include a polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) disc with a fiber-reinforced polyamide housing and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) or fluoroelastomer (FKM) seals. The thermoplastic valve is 60% lighter than a comparable metal valve, allowing a single technician to safely and efficiently handle it during installation. The lightweight material also minimizes the energy consumed for transportation and installation. The valve is suitable for pressures up to 232 psi (16 bar) and temperatures ranging from 14°F to 176°F (–10°C to 80°C).

GF Piping Systems

Bag Dump Station Allows Manual Dumping of Bags


The bag dump station allows customers to dump and unload 50-lb to 100-lb bags manually. The screen deck retains paper, foreign products, and oversized lumps and prevents them from entering the process. The station can be equipped with a self-contained, dust-contained environment. With the dust-contained option installed, the air vibrator and shaker grate clean the bag in the collector and return the collected dust into the product flow hopper beneath the system. Other features include a dust port, a gas strut to hold the door open, a vibrator mounting channel, and a metering device. In addition, the bag dump station is available with an optional vibrator sifting screen, conveyor, and feeder.

Best Process Solutions, Inc.

Bulk Bag Filler Transfers Materials Dust-Free


The Model BFB filler performs low-capacity filling operations of bulk solid materials without generating dust. It accommodates bulk boxes, totes, bins, or other intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). The unit’s fill head can be raised or lowered using a forklift to accommodate most bag sizes. A fill head port can be vented to a filter sock to contain displaced dust or to a central baghouse that has a flexible skirt to vacuum seal against the container’s exterior. The filler is mounted on a carbon steel frame with a durable industrial coating, stainless steel contact surfaces, or all-stainless construction. The filler can be integrated with mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems, or upstream process equipment. It is available with an optional densification deck, fill-by-weight controls, and material delivery conveyors.


Operations and Maintenance

Elevating Worker Platforms Improve Worker Safety


These custom elevating worker platforms provide a safe, stable platform that is height-adjustable. Operators can easily adjust the height of the platform using a pushbutton control. Facilities can configure platform decks to a size that allows a worker to move comfortably from one end of a workpiece to the other. Platforms can also be built in L- or U-shaped configurations for access to multiple sides of a workpiece. Units can be stationary or traversing and support capacities up to 20,000 lb. Lifts are available with a wide range of options, such as custom controls, soft start/stop, indexed lifting and lowering, slide-out sections, fold-down safety gates and handrails, and custom deck treatments (e.g., non-skid, antistatic).

Southworth Products Corp.

Tank-Cleaning Nozzle Provides High-Impact Spray


The PlusClean cleaning nozzle is a media spring-activated cleaning nozzle for hygienic process tank cleaning. It has a high-impact spray pattern that ensures thorough tank cleaning. The nozzle saves up to 80% in water and cleaning media costs and eliminates product contamination. The nozzle fits flush in the tank wall or bottom and has a built-in adjustment function that simplifies installation. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical, dairy, food, beverage, and home-personal care industries. A pneumatic model is also available, as well as an UltraPure model for sterile and aseptic process tank cleaning.

Alfa Laval

Trim Repair Cartridge Consolidates Multiple Replacement Parts


The easy-e Trim Cartridge is a complete trim repair cartridge for Fisher easy-e globe valves. This drop-in repair cartridge enables fast inline valve repair without expensive equipment. It combines over 20 valve replacement parts, including the bonnet, into a simple and ready-to-install repair solution, greatly simplifying the repair and maintenance process. The repair cartridge significantly reduces repair time in the field. In addition, it features standardized ENVIRO-SEAL packing to mitigate fugitive emissions. The Trim Cartridge is available for currently installed and new Fisher ET and EZ globe valves in nominal pipe size (NPS) 1–4.


Materials and Chemicals

Herbicide Trait Technology Improves Weed Management

Axant Flex herbicide trait technology provides cotton growers with the latest innovations in weed management. This technology offers four modes of action for effective control of resistant weeds. It enables the combined use of Alite 27 herbicide and GlyTol, LibertyLink, and XtendLink trait technologies. Growers benefit from early control of difficult-to-manage weeds and a widened application window to address post-emergent weed issues. The herbicide trait technology can be applied pre-emergence or early post-emergence. It can be tank-mixed with other residual and knockdown herbicides to work within weed management programs.



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