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Peptides Amp Up Fragrance Delivery


Researchers have discovered the key to better-smelling hair — longer-lasting fragrances in shampoo. Harm-Anton Klok, a professor at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and his colleagues have identified peptides that can bind to human hair. They used these peptides to enhance the deposition of profragrance and microcapsule fragrance delivery systems.

The primary function of shampoo is to cleanse hair by removing hydrophobic molecules. Shampoo typically contains anionic surfactants, which form micelles that entrap hydrophobic molecules. Micelles are easily rinsed off with water. However, because most fragrances are hydrophobic, they often become trapped in the micelles and are rinsed down the drain.

Traditionally, manufacturers have used fragrance delivery systems such as polymeric profragrances or microcapsules to prevent the fragrances...

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