CEP: June 2016

This issue's special supplement stems from a workshop on commercializing industrial biotechnology that the Society for Biological Engineering sponsored recently. An infographic provides a snapshot of over 200 biomass processing projects announced between October 2013 and October 2015. Another article looks at the technology challenges and opportunites, and the third describes how to use cost models to guide research and development. Other topics in this issue include carbon capture, utilization, and storage; active and passive fire protection; and advanced process control.


Be a Good Employee — Take a Vacation

Summer vacation season is here! Will you be taking a vacation this year? According to a survey conducted by Skift, a travel industry intelligence platform, 40% of Americans did not take a single day of vacation in 2015.

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CCUS: Utilizing CO2 to Reduce Emissions

On The Horizon
Marcius Extavour, Paul Bunje
Converting carbon dioxide emissions into valuable products is an exciting concept for the chemical processing industries (CPI).

Understand Advanced Process Control

Back To Basics
Perry Nordh, P.Eng.
Multivariable processes are controlled by a hierarchical structure of control layers. Field devices and regulatory controls manage individual variables, while advanced process control and production control systems coordinate multiple variables to optimize operation.
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