CEP: January 2016

Conventions in the workplace have undergone a dramatic makeover in recent decades. In many cases, employees are encouraged to take the unconventional path and offer an original perspective. As a result, standing out has become the new fitting in. Other topics this month include Navigating oil price volatility, the PID equation and minimizing legionella risk.


What the New Year Brings to CEP

Eight years ago, I wrote that I was excited about the January 2008 issue because it marked the beginning of my new role as editor-in-chief. I was eager to try new things to make CEP an even better magazine, and — being the start of a new year — I resolved to capitalize on CEP’s strengths, fine-tuning where necessary and adding new features as warranted, to create an engaging publication that AIChE members would find interesting and valuable.

Since then, CEP has evolved as we experimented with content, presentation, and delivery.

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Navigating Oil Price Volatility

David Burns, Jason McLinn, Mark Porter
After several years of stability, oil prices plummeted to record lows in mid-2014. This, along with increased natural gas production in North America, has radically changed the basic economics of the chemical industry.
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