CEP: October 2014

Read about various powder characterization tests and how variations in humidity can affect the properties of powders. Other topics this month include improving boiler efficiency, bioseparations, and global outlook: Russia.


Harnessing Our Abilities

We all have limits to our abilities. Some of us stumble over our words and lose our train of thought when speaking to a group; others can’t string together three coherent sentences. Some of us get so bogged down in minutiae that we lose sight of the big picture; others are so busy dreaming up the next project that we neglect important details and miss deadlines. This thinking extends to physical characteristics. Some of us are so short that we can’t reach the second shelf in the cabinet; others are so tall that we can’t fit into the backseat of a car.

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Understand the Effects of Moisture on Powder Behavior

Fluids and Solids Handling
Brian Armstrong, Katrina Brockbank, Jamie Clayton
The relationship between humidity and powder behavior is complicated. Therefore, comprehensive, case-by-case testing is required.

Improve the Performance of Your Boiler System

Heat Transfer
Daniel Skiles
A condensing economizer, a blowdown heat-recovery unit, or a glycol air heater can increase a boiler system’s overall efficiency by recovering heat from the hot fluegas or blowdown water.

Bioseparation Basics

Back To Basics
Roger G. Harrison
Bioseparations are critical to the field of biochemical engineering. Each bioseparation process must be tailored to separate, purify, or recover the desired bioproduct. This article gives an introductory overview of filtration and chromatography — two key bioseparation unit operations.

The Growth of a Chemicals Industry in Russia

Global Outlook
German Dyakonov, Nelly Lyzhina, Nadir Ziyatdinov
Russia’s chemicals industry has experienced ups and downs since its formation. Although the country was hit hard by the Great Recession, it appears to have bounced back and is now investing in modernizing highly outdated equipment and processes.
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