CEP: May 2014

Refineries may appear complicated at first glance. This month's Back to Basics article, An Oil Refinery Walk-Through, describes the basic building blocks of a fuels refinery from crude oil inlet to fuels distribution. Other topics include 3D-printed prosthetics, material selection and a new graduate's lessons learned.


Turn Our Hindsight into Your Foresight

Reflecting on the first year of her chemical engineering career, Samantha Schmidt writes in this month’s YPOV column (p. 22) that “moving into an apartment and starting a full-time job brings with it new challenges and many learning opportunities.” Among the lessons she learned from those opportunities: technical knowledge isn’t everything; network, network, network; be smart with your money; and take time for yourself.

This is timely advice, as nearly 6,000 student members of AIChE are graduating and preparing to enter the workforce. I asked some of my colleagues who recently made the transition from student to young professional what advice they would give new graduates. Here’s what they had to say.

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3D-Printed Prosthetics Roll Off the Presses

On The Horizon
Sujata Bhatia, MD, P.E., Shruti Sharma
From implant design to scaffold development and prosthetic construction, 3D printing offers unique solutions for complex problems in the biomedical sciences.

An Oil Refinery Walk-Through

Back To Basics
Tim Olsen
Refineries may appear complicated at first glance. Breaking them down into a series of units makes them easier to understand. This article describes the basic building blocks of a fuels refinery, from crude oil inlet to fuels distribution.

Develop a Strategy for Material Selection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Margaret W. Hunt
Although corrosion resistance is of paramount importance, many factors must be considered when selecting materials of construction. Follow this four-step process to identify the appropriate material for your application.
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