CEP: June 2013

Read an expanded version of the 2013 AIChE Salary Survey article that appeared in print in the June 2013 issue of CEP. Other topics this month include: distillation column performance; electrostatic hazards; centrifugal compressors; Chemical Engineering in Nigeria. Also read about the latest developments in nanotechnology, materials, and energy.


Two years ago, AIChE’s biennial salary survey found that chemical engineers’ salaries had stagnated and raises were the lowest they had been in two decades. Fortunately, the situation appears to have turned around somewhat.

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2013 AIChE Salary Survey

Salary Survey
Chemical engineering salaries have increased over the past two years, reflecting an improved economy and job market for engineers. The median salary of survey respondents is $120,000 — a 9% increase over the median reported in 2011. This expanded version of the article that appeared in print in the June 2013 issue of CEP includes addittional information, tables, charts and more detail.

Evaluating Distillation Column Performance

Reactions and Separations
AIChE’s Equipment Testing Procedures Committee, Tray and Packed Columns Procedure Revision Subcommittee
Follow these guidelines to assess the capacity and efficiency of distillation columns containing trays or packing.

Minimize Electrostatic Hazards During Process Operations

Vahid Ebadat, Ph.D.
Understand the electrostatic hazards of your process so you can limit the accumulation of charge and prevent static discharge in flammable atmospheres. Select the appropriate combination of electrostatic mitigation measures to ensure safety from electrostatic ignition hazards.

Selecting a Centrifugal Compressor

Back To Basics
James M. Sorokes
End users must specify certain performance requirements when requesting a quote for a new centrifugal compressor. Understand your process, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each centrifugal compressor configuration, in order to choose the optimal centrifugal compressor for your application.

Nigeria: Chemical Engineering—Development, Challenges, and Prospects

Global Outlook
John Erinne, Oluwafem Taiwo
Nigeria is a nation endowed with abundant natural resources and engineering talent. Current policy and reforms in the downstream and natural gas sectors are expected to boost Nigeria’s economy and restore growth and vibrancy to its chemical process industries.
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