CEP: AIChE Journal Highlight - Survival of the Fittest: an Economic Perspective on novel Biofuels


Drop-in biofuels  — so named because they can be blended with current fuels in any proportion without modifying existing infrastructure — for the transportation sector have attracted increasing attention. In general, these liquid fuels offer several advantages over first-generation biofuels (i.e., ethanol from corn), including high energy  density, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and compatibility with the status quo (e.g., piping infrastructure, internal combustion engines, and supply logistics). Despite these advantages, though, biofuels compete with fossil fuels almost exclusively on economic grounds, say Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer and Harvey W. Blanch of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the December AIChE Journal Perspective article, “Survival of the Fittest: An Economic Perspective on the Production of Novel Biofuels.”


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