CEP: August 2013

Find out what you need to know to work effectively with a burner manufacturer when selecting a burner for your application. Other topics include cooling tower fill, process analytical technology, and process mapping. Also read about the latest developments in nanotechnology, catalysis, energy, and materials.


Countless books and articles have been written about leadership — on such topics as the differences between managing and leading, what makes a good leader, and how to become a better leader, among others. One frequent topic: Are leaders born or made?

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) posed this question to C-level executives of companies in 53 countries. Slightly more than half (53.4%) of the top executives think leaders are made, about a fifth (19.1%) think they are born, and a little more than a quarter (28.5%) think leaders are both born and made.

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Selecting the Optimal Cooling Tower Fill

Heat Transfer
Paul Puckorius
The most important action of an evaporative cooling tower occurs on the heat-transfer surface — called fill — inside the tower. Follow these guidelines to choose the appropriate fill for your application.

Process Burners 101

Back To Basics
Charles Baukal, Erwin Platvoet
Process burners may be classified based on flame shape, emissions, fuel type, and other characteristics. Here’s what you need to know to work effectively with a burner manufacturer when selecting a burner for your application...

Understand the Basics of Process Analytical Technology

Joseph Alford
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can reap benefits from PAT, which involves identifying critical process parameters (CPPs) that influence key product attributes and controlling these CPPs to improve process efficiency and product consiste

Use Process Mapping to Improve Quality

Tony Cooper, Charlie Moore
Process mapping integrates science, engineering, and process knowledge with data and statistics to reveal opportunities for process improvement.
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