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Use Guided-Wave Radar to Measure Water Level in Steam Loops

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Guided-wave radar (GWR) is a useful tool for measuring water level in steam loops. This article describes GWR design and operation, and how this technology differs from more traditional forms of level indication.

Steam is critical throughout the chemical process industries (CPI). Chemical plants demand a high level of operational stability, safety, and reliability from all of their systems, especially the boiler system. The heart of any boiler system is the steam loop or circuit.

Operating a boiler without paying careful attention to its water level is akin to driving a car without monitoring the air pressure in the tires. Although it is possible to drive on tires with a high or low air pressure, doing so affects the car’s performance and eventually causes damage to the tires.

Just as it is necessary to check tire pressure, it is important that the water level in the boiler be monitored closely.


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