CEP: January 2011

In January, read about improving flange joint reliability, computational science and enabling technology development, capital spending in the chemical industry, and avoiding natural gas piping hazards.

Computational Science: Enabling Technology Development

On The Horizon
Anthony Cugini, Wei Ge, Chris Guenther, Jinghai Li, Madhava Syamlal, Wei Wang, Ning Yang
Computational science will play a key role in accelerating technology development and in the realization of virtual process engineering.

Improve Flange Joint Reliability

Back To Basics
Mike Emery, John Ludman, Thomas Sandbrook
Proper design, installation, and maintenance of flanged connection systems can prevent loss of containment and process interruptions. Follow this seven-step approach to ensure reliability of this critical process equipment.

Capital Spending in the Chemical Industry

Chem Economics
T. Kevin Swift
Understand the economic state of the chemical industry and trends in capital investment to make wise corporate-spending decisions.

Avoid Natural Gas Piping Hazards

John R. Puskar, P.E.
Repairing natural gas piping is inherently dangerous. Follow these safety protocols to avoid potentially catastrophic results from improper installation and repair of natural gas lines.
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