CEP: January 2010

Chemical engineering has undergone a tremendous evolution since AIChE was founded in 1908, as the November 2008 Centennial Celebration issue of CEP so vividly illustrated...

Save Energy Through Automation

Douglas C. White
Identifying the right automation investments — those with low costs and high impacts — can result in millions of dollars in energy savings for petrochemical plants. <br>

Simplify Experimental Design

Computational Methods
Joseph F. Louvar
Save time and money by using this approach to fractional-factorial design of experiments (DOE) for studies involving six or seven variables. <br>

The Reference Process Demystified

Career Catalyst
Lisa L. Walker
The people you identify as references in your job search act as your ambassadors to a potential employer. Choosing references who can paint a clear picture of your strengths and potential can be a decisive advantage in your employment campaign.

Audit Your Emissions Inventory

Environmental Management
Jeffrey H. Siegell
Some emissions reports include data that are based on faulty assumptions and methodologies. This article presents an effective approach to auditing your emissions inventory to maximize the representativeness of the reports you submit. <br>

Determine the Optimum Number of Process Trains

Back To Basics
Gregory T. Benz
This article demonstrates that the repair and expense costs of process trains are not proportional to their capital costs and that, in most cases, building one plant with a single process train is the most economically efficient choice. <br>...
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