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Optimization Methods in Metabolic Networks


March, 2016





This book provides a tutorial on the computational tools that use mathematical optimization concepts and representations for the curation, analysis and redesign of metabolic networks. Such analysis and redesign often requires the calculation of product yield, gene essentiality prediction, identification of network gaps in the model, resolution of discrepancies with experimental data, and identification of network modifications that increase product yield.

The main goal of Optimization Methods in Metabolic Networks is to apply the language and tools of mathematical programming to describe and solve such frequently occurring tasks.


Costas Maranas

Dr. Costas D. Maranas (b. 1967) is the Donald B. Broughton Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. The C. Maranas group develops and deploys computational framework informed by systems engineering and mathematical optimization to understand, analyze and redesign metabolism and proteins.Read more

Ali R. Zomorrodi

Ali R. Zomorrodi obtained his PhD in chemical engineering at Pennsylvania State University and is currently a postdoctoral research associate at Boston University. Dr. Zomorrodi’s areas of expertise include optimization-based modeling and model-driven analysis of biological networks....Read more