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Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy: Design, Operation, and Optimization


January, 2017





This book provides a holistic approach that looks at changing process conditions, possible process design changes, and process technology upgrades. It includes process integration techniques for improving process designs and for applying optimization techniques for improved operations, with a focus on hydroprocessing units. The authors also discuss all important aspects of hydroprocessing, including catalytic materials, reaction mechanism, as well as process design, operation and control, troubleshooting and optimization.
They introduce methods and tools that have a successful record of application at UOP and in many industrial plants. Purchasers of the book enjoy online access to relevant calculations/software/technologies.


Frank Zhu

Frank (Xin X.) Zhu, PhD, is a senior R&D fellow and subject matter expert for industrial sustainability at Honeywell (Email: frank.zhu@honeywell.com). He has made significant contributions to the fields of process design and operation optimization, integrated multiscale modeling with process integration, and superstructure optimization. More importantly, his methods have been widely applied in the process industries, generating significant benefits in energy and CO2 reduction. Before joining UOP, Zhu served as a Reader at the Univ...Read more

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