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Environmental Calculations: A Multimedia Approach


August, 2009





Consolidates information and technical calculations for a wide variety of environmental factors

Operating a business facility of any size, especially a manufacturing location, requires environmental permits from a number of governmental regulatory agencies responsible for protecting human health and the environment. Environmental Calculations: A Multimedia Approach provides an essential, one-stop reference for the necessary technical calculations to obtain a broad range of such permits. Along with clear, concise, and factual explanations, the text also includes relevant equations, examples, and case studies to support and clarify the calculations.

Filled with the rich experience from the author's years of work in environmental permitting, the coverage features:

  • An introduction to the major concepts and practice in the permitting process
  • Key concepts in environmental chemistry such as the ideal gas law, vapor pressure, reaction stoichiometry, and heat effects
  • Air pollution control
  • Water/wastewater
  • Solid/hazardous waste
  • Noise generation, propagation, and control
  • Radiation/radioactive decay

An all-around guide for environmental permitting in many contexts, Environmental Calculations: A Multimedia Approach is a must-have for anybody concerned with environmental assessment and compliance, as well as those reviewing, issuing, and monitoring environmental permits.